Dignitary Discretion

Dignitary-Style Golf A VIP Benefit for Weekly and Monthly Luxury Clients


Luxury Golf

Custom and Anonymously Off-Book

Escape and refresh at a beautiful private club course, where you can play with off-book anonymity—blocking Paparazzi and PIs.

Your excursion will be thoroughly customized for mesmerizing experiences of a lifetime—all for free.
Anonymous Private Club Golf
First, we get you out of LA. Leaving from an enclosed private garage, your concierge will chauffeur you down to politely discreet and friendlier
Orange County (not a bad drive on the weekends), enter past the guarded gate, and into a closed country club.
Championship 18 Holes Privately hosted at a designer closed course—no green fees.
TaylorMade 20-Piece Set If you will have traveled light, we'll lend you excellent clubs and accessories, in accordance with your length and other preferences.
Enlivening Caddy Individualized, based on your wishes, to enrich your game with contentment
Connoisseur 19th hole The Glenlivet™ Reserve Speyside scotch, hosted by your concierge

The Glenlivet is a Scottish operating brand and trademark of Chivas Brothers Limited. TaylorMade is a trademark of TaylorMade Golf Company, Inc., with which we are neither affiliated nor licensed.


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