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Tickled Moments of Bliss

We strive for superlative degrees of customization and actively provided services, in a league above the customary provisions of hotel concierges, surpassing publicly packaged entertainment. 

Anyone can browse a tour guide, call a ticket broker, and go to watch a show.  Your concierge is happy to work behind the scenes with insiders and specialists—while compartmentalizing your anonymity—to help to enable your dreams to come true.  The most mesmerizing moments of bliss in lives often pertain to tickled emotions, involving little or immaterial expenditures, but if you were to have any special requests of extraordinary cost, you would only be asked for reimbursement, with no surcharges or tips to us.


As a function of your compartmentalized, off-book collaboration with your concierge, the secret fantasies would be most enticing to you will never be accessible by any of our other personnel or anyone you know (unless, of course, you reveal it yourself or otherwise effectively instruct your concierge).

Be assured that your concierge will discreetly respect your personal dreams and esoteric delights (with any hypothetical exceptions being moot based on our client requirements). Your concierge will indeed enjoy the lighthearted endeavor to pinpoint enthralling delights that would be best aligned for mesmerizing thrills.


Genuinely Friendly Hosting

Loyal Goodwill of Weekly and Long-Term Luxury Clients

We encourage loyal friendships with extended-stay clients, who tend to become recurring clients. Excursions with Executive Luxury are often personally hosted by a diplomatic handler. Excursions with Romantic Sovereignty, a Private Cruise, or an Island Enclave are usually the domain of a congenially uplifting hostess.


Visibility Mitigation

We are not in the business of consumer entertainment, and your senior concierge offers you decades of extraordinarily sophisticated experience in sensitive security matters, business, and international relations—as a principal, not an assistant.  We use the titles of concierge in representation of our genuinely friendly and resourceful coordination of client matters, but the primary benefit to you is the way in which matters are coordinated—based on the way of life of world-class low-profile security. 

Our clients generally need to maintain discreet anonymity, complicating the ability to indulge in fine-tuned public experiences.  Activities are consultatively selected and expertly arranged to endeavor to mitigate whatever aspects of vulnerability are concerns to you, and to establish contingencies for unexpected circumstances.

Charismatic and Clear-Headed

Please click here for our impetus to providing enlivening invigoration and carefree soothing for prominent leaders on extended business travel, inspired by the proven wisdom of US Chiefs of Staff. These services are not provided for a fee or with overnight sojourns.

Invigoration and Enlivenment during Your Travels
Fortifying Your Deal-Closing Charisma
Inspired by Chiefs of Staff

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