Dignitary Discretion
Independence and Compartmentalization
Sophisticated Effectiveness for Protecting Your Business Confidentiality

The Worldwide Developers Conference ("WWDC") is a service of Apple Inc., not administered with the involvement of Dignitary Discretion. We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by Apple Inc.


High-Octane Cider  for the  Developers Conference

Unhindered Deal-Making

Empower your opportunities to sign profitable deals  while  avoiding awareness by competitors of your innovations and deal negotiations.

Dignitary Discretion Silicon Valley
Enhancements to Packages of the Executive Collection
Available June 2 through 14

Versatile Sophistication

As primarily a legal-services contractor, with hospitality being merely a potentiating service,
Dignitary Discretion provides you with a powerful resource.
Your Dedicated Team of Specialists
Attending Singularly to You, 24 Hours

In a preeminent dignitary-style realm that categorically surpasses ordinary hospitality, a dedicated team attends singularly to your success, 24 hours. The skills of your senior concierge/handler (retired from being a respected speaker at executive-level international events) are applied with serious business sophistication. Specialists of your dedicated team come to you outside the McEnery Convention Center, your impromptu meeting locations, and elsewhere with whatever you need, whenever you need it. Inevitable details are discreetly handled with devoted diligence and thoughtfulness.

Your Broad Resources
Inspired by Chiefs of Staff

Present persuasively with aplomb, and suavely close deals under solid terms. Unanticipated opportunities and complications are handled with personally devoted care and tireless versatility. Professional-level business support, countersurveillance, and almost any other business services are resourcefully coordinated, with compartmentalization protocols based on military standards for secrecy. Personal matters of health, comfort, and relations are discreetly supported, coordinating off-book with licensed professionals as appropriate, inspired by the role of a US Chief of Staff. Substantive professional services are offered for worthwhile fees, but incidental needs are free. We do not apply surcharges to expenditures that you request of us to incur your behalf, and there are no tips for our personnel.

Advanced Services for Sophisticated Niches

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