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Newport Coast

Orange County Luxury Safehouses

Enliven with ocean views
 and  modern facilities  in a  luxury resort community.


Local Area

Nearby to your oasis, accessible via Pacific Coast Highway, are the cordial sophistication of

  • Fashion Island in Newport Beach, home of successful financial companies and elegant boutiques;
  • Laguna Beach, where small restaurants and art galleries embrace a respectful culture of successful people who seek discreet refuge; and
  • Newport Harbor, where you can walk along picturesque sidewalks in awe of some of California's most magnificent yachts.

Countersurveillance and Security

Under Your Control

Dignitary Discretion Newport Beach Executive Sovereignty
Spacious Exquisiteness

Security personnel at resort or club facilities may require you to show your ID at entry points of amenities or upon demand. Amenity guest registrations generally do not require the full driver's license data of regular hotel registration, and instead can usually be verified by name alone. Regardless, we understand that merely being seen at a resort is not comfortable for many high-profile clients.

Therefore, we also offer to substitute for fully private accommodations—away from social media gossips and other compromises—with greater spaciousness and confidentiality than a resort, with the same ultra all-inclusive services, and effectively all relevant amenities at a private level. There is no additional charge if you request the substitution at the time that you place your reservation.

In the event of unexpected facilities limitations, we may provide complimentary upgrades to villas in Newport Beach with ocean views, market values reasonably above $1 million, greater spaciousness, the same amenities with an overall superior caliber (including chauffeured private club facilities), and the same ultra all-inclusive services.

Clandestine Chauffeur Orange County

Each level of hospitality includes complimentary private transportation throughout your stay.

You will be chauffeured in luxury with your regular Signature, Executive Luxury, or Romantic Sovereignty hospitality. Limitations of once daily and requirements for advance scheduling apply to Rabbit Hole Refuge and Signature, but unlimited chauffeuring is provided with all other packages. Transportation with Rabbit Hole Refuge is provided in contracted consumer transportation. Separate arrangements are made for handicapped transportation.

Liability waivers and other conditions apply. Complimentary transportation is provided for the primary client and up to two in-vehicle companions.

Tracking Evasive Chauffeur

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