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Five-Star Boutiques within Four-Star Resorts

The concept of boutique hospitality within larger hotel buildings is unfamiliar to many travelers, especially among those who do not seek specialty luxuries in cities with more than one hotel within a giant tower (such as in Manhattan) or resort (such as in Orlando). We respect other boutique providers in Las Vegas for their trailblazing initiative, and we appreciate that their market leadership now provides a framework for efficiently explaining our facilities arrangements, by means of comparing and contrasting.

Logic of Boutiques  within  Mass-Market Infrastructure

Several of the large, four-star resorts in Las Vegas are home to separately named—and, with increasing frequency, independently managed—five-star boutiques. At the time of this writing, there are approximately twenty boutiques in Las Vegas that offer specialty luxuries within larger resorts. There is sustained worldwide growth for the paradigm, and there especially is simple logic for Las Vegas. Each of the major casino conglomerates maintains a massive infrastructure for millions of visitors annually. Room rentals are primarily intended to bring people to gamble, and hotel room rental fees are not intended to be the profit objective for the major casino resorts. Crowd efficiency must be maximized to sustain profit margins in the price-competitive mass markets. High-stakes gambler disproportionately contribute profit margins, but personal and travel preferences must be met to attract each high-stakes gambler to a particular casino resort.


Distinctive New Paradigm

Elimination of the Front Desk

Individualized 24-Hour Full-Service

Being herded in sweaty crowds, standing in long lines, and facing bureaucratic procedures are not enticements. Therefore, several of the most prestigious hotels-within-hotels join us in enabling mature sophisticates to be retrieved directly at the airport, to bypass lobby registrations, and to have a 24-hour dedicated point of contact—altogether eliminating the DMV reminiscence of front desks. Boutiques fulfill specialty preferences for luxury travelers, who then customarily stay on-campus for the respective casinos. Even if the boutique is fiscally separate, having a friendly symbiosis ultimately helps both businesses and enables mutually leveraged patronage of guests. For us, we obviously resepct MGM™—we would be somewhere else otherwise—and if their casino offerings are enjoyable to our clients, we would gladly be supportive. The casino builds gains high-roller business without incurring the distractions or subsidies of hospitality. Whether the boutique is a subsidiary business or separately managed, the house conglomerate holds favored odds for winning profits for its core business.


Development of Market Understanding

Separate Chain Brands in the Same Structures as Larger Hotels

Genuinely Separate Management Company

The specialty sub-sector of boutiques within Las Vegas hotels was substantially enabled by the bold investment and heavy marketing in the 1990s of the Four Seasons Hotel™ within Mandalay Bay™. Although proportionately small compared to the underlying hotel, the Four Seasons has over four hundred rooms—far beyond boutique status (at least outside of Las Vegas) and certainly warranting its public-volume lobby and front desk. The high-profile, publicly capitalized development familiarized the marketplace with the concept that a separately managed hotel with the following characteristics can separately exist within the same tower and parcel of land of a four-star, more mainstream hotel:

  • a fully distinct chain brand of a truly independent management company,
  • deservedly ranked separately at the five-star caliber, and
  • hospitality services not intended to be available from the employees of the larger hotel.

The security of the Four Seasons Las Vegas appeals to high-end leisure travelers who do not have particular concerns about location-awareness. The security orientation of their guests and their security is at the at the opposite end of the visibility spectrum from the our clients. Surveillance of everyone entering is tight and heavy, and is saved for future reference. While sustaining prominent prestige, their security is adept at blocking the thieves who are attracted to the high-visibility wealth. The focus of risk pertains to opportunistic criminals versus sophisticated targeting.

A contrast of accommodating guest preferences is exemplified by spa services. The Four Seasons Las Vegas deserves its fame for its magnificently lush spa. Its opulence contrasts with our privacy orientation, with all services provided in-suite. (With us, licensed sub-specialists (often doctoral chiropractors) and cosmetologists provide your custom preferences of sophisticated spa and grooming treatments in the privacy and convenience of your suite—all for free.)

Our fully custom dining, 24-hour complimentary chauffeuring, and other services—all arranged by a 24-hour single point of contact—are similarly exemplified by the boutiques that are primarily dedicated to invitation-only gamblers worldwide. Relatively few allocations are made available to the public, but, when they are, rates often exceed ten thousand dollars per weekend night.

An example of niche fulfilment operates nearby to us, also within MGM's resort area in Center Strip. Like us, The Mansion™ offers thoroughly individualized fine dining and 24-hour chauffeuring, but the degree of leisure refinement offered by The Mansion exceeds and is contradicted by our foci on intensive business confidentiality and sophisticated unfettering of business progress.  Each of the associated founders of our group has had the immense honor of serving a different US President decades ago, and so we know that even with arguably the world's largest infrastructure of resources and access, and even with limitless dutiful loyalty among large numbers of us focused on one person, the carefree smoothness of five-star-plus leisure cannot be sustained simultaneously with strong productivity and security.  Therefore, we focus on protective business travel for our niches, and The Mansion elegantly transcends its guests into grandeur of leisure. All around us, MGM achieves an operational powerhouse for efficiently and effectively serving mass markets.


Uniqueness of Dignitary Discretion

Optimized for Executive Confidentiality

Even compared to five-star-plus boutiques, many of the business- and privacy-oriented benefits of our Executive Luxury and Romantic Sovereignty packages categorically surpass all other hospitality in Las Vegas.


Types of Hospitality

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Not for Ostentatiousness

In fairness to their market niches, there are other boutiques that offer more lavish common areas and elegantly refined subservience for connoisseurship-based leisure. Regardless of economic factors, these characteristics would inherently impair various practical objectives of the business and confidentiality foci of our niche markets. (Incidentally, we should again mention that extreme formality is not the lifestyle of most modern dignitaries, diplomats, investment bankers, or institutional financiers—because of the inefficiencies and conspicuousness, contrary to the public misconceptions.) By contrast, most handlers of traveling dignitaries are mature colleagues, perhaps with deftness in countersurveillance and fiduciary executive proxy, but not ornate napkin-folding or soufflé-baking.

Not Generalized for Ordinary Leisure Travel

Our ultra all-inclusive services are uniquely structured to mitigate compromises to confidentiality and to support sensitive business complexities. Overtly routine travelers would regard the proxy compartmentalization to be awkward and inconvenient.  For simpler procedures and greater affordability, customary consumer travelers are respectfully suggested instead to reserve directly from Vdara™.



CityCenter™ at Center Strip

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At Vdara™ in CityCenter™

With over 1,500 units,
there is a broad range.
Privately Administered Hospitality
Including the 24-Hour Dedicated Servants of Executive Luxury


At Vdara, a couple of other services also provide relatively small inventories of privately held units. They are generally classified in hospitality channels as separately named hotels, because they are indeed renting separately controlled condominiums in a full-service hotel facility. As with the trend to attract high-end travelers (high-stakes gamblers and—in our case—prominent business travelers) there is no separate lobby. Their marketing differentiation is the opposite direction from us, enabling more affordable value at Vdara, primarily with simpler, non-view studios and junior suites, at rates that are generally lower than MGM's public rates—usually with reduced services, such as without daily housekeeping.


Enhanced-Caliber Suites

Many Specifications of Sophisticated Features

To assure you of the quality of your accommodations, we delineate a variety of specifications for each of our packages. Chain-wide baseline requirements are made even more stringent with additional enhancements.

The regular Signature and Executive Luxury packages provided by Dignitary Discretion are provided in luxury condominiums with door-closing bedrooms (which disqualifies most Vdara™ and other Las Vegas suites—which are largely junior suites), at the premium View caliber or above, with a variety of enhanced amenities provided by us. The two-bedroom version of Executive Luxury hospitality includes the chain-wide specification for no less than the same number of full bathrooms as there are advertised bedrooms. Most of Vdara's two-bedroom units have 1.5 or less bathrooms. Therefore, for Executive Luxury Two Bedroom, you can see for yourself from the Web site of MGM™ for Vdara™ that we are relegated to a few particular penthouses—the largest of which are privately owned and no longer available for hotel rentals—guaranteeing you lavishness.

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