Dignitary Discretion
Concepts • Policies • Impetuses  for  Excursions and Spa Treatments Regular Packages of the Executive Collection Contiguous Full Weeks or Months of Services
Discreetly Supporting the Stamina of Prominent Leaders  during  Extended Business Travel Carefree Enlivenment • Sustained Clearheadedness • Restorative Care
The world depends on leaders for
levelheadedness, tenacity, and inspiring guidance.
As each Chief of Staff knows to be mission-critical
for sustained excellence in leadership,
those qualities are optimally supported with
regular comfort, rest, nourishment, health, and leisure.
We loyally support your stamina and security,
mitigating what otherwise could be rough, unsuccessful, or pernicious travels.

Luxuries offer refreshing rewards for honorable service, instead of what otherwise could be rough travels. Despite their secondary priority, we endeavor to provide expansive executive luxuries, with many executive benefits categorically surpassing five-star customs. To support the sustained invigoration of executives and dignitaries during extended journeys, the packages of our Executive Collection feature complimentary VIP excursions and personal care, inspired from offerings of the world's most prestigious ultra-resorts.

Dignitary Discretion does not charge fees for excursions or spa services.  There is no commitment of budget, and no guarantee of satisfaction.

Dignitary-Style Hosted Excursions

Normally Individualized and Personally Hosted Each Full Week

Clients of regular packages of the Executive Collection for seven nights or longer tend to be business travelers who are burdened with complexities.  The inspiration of these services derives from the wisdom by US Chiefs of Staff in sustaining levelheadedness among leaders whose burdens of the Free World categorically surpass the day-to-day lives of ordinary citizens.

Excursions are personally hosted as friendly goodwill by your concierge or hostess, with at least partial personal expense.



With a Net Reduction in Exposure Risks

Commentary by a Dignitary Discretion Manager
Tradecraft for Avoiding a Serious Risk
Frequent Downfall of Soft Targets

Sophisticated adversaries know that they can leverage their methods by causing soft targets to panic, and, often, to acquiesce simply via psy-ops. Our management philosophically disapproves of psy-ops as being dishonorable, and none of us has ever knowingly contributed to them.  Amplified by overconfidence in themselves, every combat veteran, smart physician, tough lawyer, and strategic investment banker ever known by the manager who contributed to this topic has proven to be quickly overtaken as a soft target during his or her first instance of being targeted with psy-ops tradecraft. We can help you to avoid that catastrophe.


Dignitary Discretion's Unique Solution

Proxy Anonymity for Mitigation of Risks, but Not Absolute Elimination

Excursions are consultatively designed and expertly offered to reduce exposures to whatever aspects of vulnerability you identify as concerns to you. Security and anti-surveillance can never be perfect, with potentially infinite exhaustions of resources addressing direct and indirect exposures, and that is one reason why we cannot guarantee anything related to privacy or security. Concepts are inspired by the wisdom of US Chiefs of Staff, goodwill entertainment of visiting dignitaries who are friendly to the US and its allies, and deft wisdom beyond mere technical expertise. There is never 100% dependability, so we help you to apply good-faith but non-warranted guidance when subjectively considering any known risk factors. Excursions and spa services themselves inevitably involve at least some theoretical exposure, but we apply simple tradecraft as possible mitigation, intending to result in an overall reduction in risk and simultaneous support of your lawful business/diplomatic progress. We do not pry into your circumstances, and, as such, we cannot provide professional risk analyses; we endeavor to support your requests regarding security and protocols, and any we cannot guarantee successful outcomes from any informal suggestions that we incidentally offer.

Clarifications and Policies

Terms and Conditions Apply

Most excursions are chauffeured and hosted with all expenses paid, but the actual costs of some special requests may be expensed to you with your preapproval, and you are respectfully suggested to incur elective expenditures to third parties for your incidental wishes. Dignitary/VIP-caliber hosting pertains to regular packages of the Executive Collection. Dignitary Discretion is a professional-services brand of CIC Legal Services; neither hospitality nor excursions are intended for mass-market consumer leisure. Dignitary Discretion does not charge fees for excursions, which are not transferable and carry no cash value. Excursions are hosted as goodwill for sustained clients of mutual loyalty, with at least partial personal expense by your concierge, and, as such, exclusions apply to specially discounted rates. Normally only the primary individual client is hosted, but two full contiguous weeks may be combined for the benefit of a companion. Each leisure excursion is private and custom; images represent conceptualizations of non-committal suggested activities, but we endeavor to optimize your experiences based on your greatest delights. Limitations, liability waivers, and other conditions apply; please contact Dignitary Discretion in advance for details and for optimization for your preferences.

Complimentary Spa Services

Sustained Deal-Making Enlivenment and Leadership Charisma during the Burdens of Extended Business Travel.

No Therapeutic Advice • Indemnity

Dignitary Discretion does not provide medical or post-op therapies. We cannot advise you on medical/physical suitability. We endeavor to support your instructions for the fulfillment of preferred particular preferences and scheduling coordination thereof, but we are not responsible for—or competent in the administration of—effectiveness, safety, appropriateness with your existing conditions and medications, other existing therapies, appropriate licensure, and/or lawfulness. An important service of ours is to support your medical privacy, and we have no interest in prying into your health with an amateur attempt to determine suitable services. 

Flexibility under Your Control

Upon request, we shall simply apply a budget to your account.  You would then be welcome to search for and to obtain whatever services you wish, if any, retaining any excess budget, or incurring at your own expense any additional costs.

May Substitute for Enhanced Excursions or Recreation

Many of our clients are disinterested in spa services, but instead would prefer special requests for leisure or recreation beyond our apportioned resources.  If that describes you, please inform your concierge in advance.  Coordination time and budgets can be substituted for enhanced leisure excursion.

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