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In-Suite Safe

Rudimentary but Serious

A simple, visibly salient example of the security uniquely provided by Dignitary Discretion


Each safe provided by Dignitary Discretion has plenty of space for your electronics, documents, and belongings at risk of being planted with surveillance. Doors cannot be physically snapped open with ordinary tools. There are no overrides. With a regular package of the Executive Collection, Business Catalysts service, or with advance request for regularly priced Signature hospitality, your in-suite safe will provide serious protection for your laptop and small valuables.

Compared to Convenience Safes

Most safes in hotel rooms—regardless of five-star luxury—are little more than deterrents against opportunism from unsophisticated travel companions and housekeepers.


Protection of Your Confidentiality

Hotel safes should not be used to hold items of critical material value.  The potentially catastrophic risks usually pertain to the risk of data breach.  Easily infiltrated hotel safes illustrate the perils of insecure computing.


The most pernicious of catastrophic vulnerabilities for sophisticated targets pertain to surreptitious access to systems.

Almost any safe in a a mass-market hotel room can be overridden with a manufacturer's or a manager's master code (usually easy to obtain oneself or to coax from a soft target), or physically removed, easily cracked open, and then unnoticeably replaced by buying a new one at a local office-supply store. A routine exploitation of unethical PIs and others is to find when and where a target will be traveling, easily gain access to the room, and then easily compromise a USB port or accessory outside the safe (if it does not fit) or inside the safe.

Any safe is hypothetically is portable, and cables and locks can be cut or drilled, but you will not be a victim to a potentially catastrophic invasion of your privacy via a surreptitious planting of surveillance technology. 

Mere seconds of access to a smartphone or laptop can be sufficient to plant zero-day rootkit spyware, undetectable by security software and unstoppable by various other protections.  Thereafter, these methods usually enable access to almost everything you type, what is displayed on your screen, almost all user data of any connected systems, entire phone calls (even if the infected device was a laptop, most people connect their cell phones—wirelessly synchronizing or charging by USB), and ambient sounds.


This particular situation presents an opportunity to use an adversary's own efforts against him.   A sophisticated saboteur would see a hotel safe as an opportunity for exploitation, and would reasonably be confident in his or her ability to attempt to open it.  Safes in ordinary hotel rooms are electronic for benefits to the hotel, with the same logic as an electronic room key.  Yours, however, is different.  With the electronic lock on your safe, you will know if someone improperly has attempted access.   You would want to know if an adversary has infiltrated you to the point of attempting to breach your safe.  The single instance of counterintelligence can provide you with multiple findings: awareness of your adversary's tracking methods, status, sophistication (methods used to open the safe), and determination.


From the legacy before biometrics and reinforced alloys, most embassies adopted the concept of burn safes.  Now, you have the benefit of a safe that effectively provides the same mitigation, without the danger.  Plasma cutters are effective on metal barriers, but the small air-tight compartment would bring internal temperatures far beyond the point of destroying the data of any hard drives and memory cards.


Cables and Locks

Optionally, we also offer titanium military-grade cables and security cases to provide further security of electronics and small possessions, which you take home with you because they are individually keyed.


Serious Bank-Vault Security

Safety Deposit Box

Some people are more comfortable with hotel safes from the front desk. Consistent with our objective for strong security, we instead provide for a complimentary small safety deposit box at a local bank, with any regularly priced Luxury package. You hold the key, and you alone have access to the box.

Beyond a Front-Desk Safe

At an ordinary hotel, a bored night manager could stay awake with impunity by rummaging through the intriguing contents of guest valuables in the hotel safe.

Limitations and conditions for advance scheduling apply. Please contact us for more information and for custom arrangements based on your particular circumstances.


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