Dignitary Discretion

Dignitary-Style Individualization

Supplemental Facility Amenities  and  Remote Services

Premium-Caliber Services and Amenities beyond Hospitality Customs

Selected Limitations

For the purposes of applicability to complimentary access, the concept of resort/club amenities pertains to types of resources that are customarily complimentary for patrons of most luxury hotels nationwide, without specific schedules (such as shows) or personal implementation by a staffer (such as tours).  It generally includes standard access to the following:

  • pools,
  • gyms, and
  • specifically identified other resources.

Although we flexibly customize your access benefits, access is not complimentary for venues with the following characteristics:

  • restrictive of unlimited clients of ours on a per-client basis (such as some private clubs),
  • excessively distant,
  • potentially security-compromising,
  • appear to have relatively elevated risks of health or safety, or
  • are excessively costly. 

The following charges would be at your expense, but we may pay your charges on your behalf and apply those charges for reimbursement:

  • any cover charges, bottle service, ticket fees, or use charges for nightclubs, entertainment, events, and leisure attractions;
  • food, beverages, special equipment, supplies, tips, premium supplemental resources, services, equipment rentals and other optional charges incurred from the venue (except in accordance with limited, specific provisions that we chose to incur);
  • green fees, athletic court rentals, and equipment rentals, except as specifically provisioned and arranged by us at facilities and with resources of our choosing;
  • the portion of access fees that are higher as a function of being on a weekend, during a holiday period, after lower-cost/free earlier hours, or during a special event;
  • any costs for damages, unreturned items, or avoidable fees.
Use of Equipment and Supplies

At least two weeks' advance notice is required for the use of equipment and supplies, particularly for electronics and athletics. Reimbursement of expenses would normally apply to mutually agreed custom requests.