Dignitary Discretion
Signature by Dignitary Discretion


Complimentary Weekly and Monthly Benefits


Complimentary Bonuses Customized, Off-Book Benefits that
Surpass the Customary Capabilities of Luxury Hospitality


Lower Rates

Our average daily costs—and regular rates—dramatically decrease with longer stays.
Individually Selected Gifts
Personally Selected Gifts for You

As friendly gestures from us to you, you shall receive gifts at the end of each full week of tenure under our care.

  • First Week: Show refinement in your productivity with a leather pad portfolio and a Cross pen.  (Cross is a trademark of A. T. Cross and Company, with which we have no affiliation or licensure agreement.)
  • Second Week: Luxuriate in a plush 100% cotton robe in your size.
  • Third Week: Roam in comfort with leather-soled slippers, in your size.
  • Fourth Week and Thereafter: Your primary keeper/concierge will show personal regards by selecting for you individually a gift of premium quality.

Private leisure excursions, business support, in-suite grooming, in-suite massages, and more benefits support your sustained invigoration, off-book confidentialities, and success.

Limitations and conditions apply. Please click on the following for more information.
The benefits herein are based on regular Signature hospitality.
Most all-inclusive benefits are limited or excluded from specially discounted rates, such as at-cost and promotional rates. Please click here for explanatory information.
Security, business compartmentalization, in-suite pampering, and most special requests are applicable only with reservations that are directly reserved with Dignitary Discretion. Leisure excursions and Sending Your Love chocolates apply only to reservations placed directly, via independent travel agents who provide personal service, and via non-public corporate travel agents.
Weekly entitlements are intended to recharge business travelers with services of seven consecutive days. Monthly benefits are intended to fulfill the business and personal needs of long-term engagements of more than 21 consecutive days. Bonus services are not available as fee-based services, and are merely incidental goodwill, not primary business functions of ours. There are no fees or tips for any qualified bonus services, but we may request reimbursement of our actual costs in response to some special requests.
Please schedule services in advance. The scheduling times of some in-suite personal care may be subject to local restrictions and availability of specialist professionals.
Benefits apply to you as the primary client, but privileges may be aggregated or substituted. For example, two weeks may be combined for an excursion with a companion, or a leisure excursion may be substituted for a massage to enable a couple's massage.
Standard Dignitary Discretion policies apply. Each occasion of services that we provide is custom, so please contact us for details, and to optimize your services in advance based on whatever is most important to you.

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