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Special Offer for Music Festivals and Championships

Do you have a non-refundable reservation at an unpleasant motel,
and wish that you had the freedom to choose us?

We need to house staffers from other locations for event weekends. Chauffeuring and other labor-intensive services need to be performed efficiently and reliably during music festivals and championships. Therefore, we would be receptive the possibility of crediting you fully for your current reservation.

Please call us

New and existing reservations are eligible for potential full credit with your reservation for

Not Hazardous

The festivals tend to push resources into unsafe realms. We will not place any staff member in a hazardously bad motel, tent, or anything else that is not properly maintained for safety, health, and hygiene. Due to security concerns, any lodging in the city of Coachella or Indio would be considered only on a fifty percent credit basis for temporary staging of supplies during heavy traffic.

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Upgrade to Dignitary Discretion

Credit for Existing Non-Refundable Lodging at an Unpleasant Hotel

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The Coachella Valley is known internationally as the Palm Springs Area.

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Dignitary-Style VIP Comfort and Security for Health, Music Festivals, Tennis, and Golf
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