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The Golf Resorts Region
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High-Profile Individuals  •  Golf Aficionados  •  Global Equity Principals

Our convergence of the Coachella Valley's greatest luxuries, preeminent supplemental facilities, and finest services is facilitated in the area that simultaneously achieves maximal status in embracing executive independent prosperity and medical resourcefulness: the Golf Resorts Region.

A friendly, polite culture of contented prosperity has concentrated during the past century in the affluent community that is generally cohesive in covering

  • La Quinta,
  • Indian Wells,
  • Palm Desert (around the golf resorts and luxury boutiques), and
  • Rancho Mirage.

Local leaders and the nearby executive airport have named it the Golf Resorts Region of the Coachella Valley. Many interwoven factors propel the Golf Resorts Region to be among the most valuable destinations for executive privacy in the United States, particularly for those with area-relevant interests for sports, fund management, music, or healthcare.

Discreet Congeniality and Respectful Freedom

The foundation of the community's culture builds from its roots a century ago as a retreat for maturely established Hollywood celebrities, who could come here to relax among friends of similar circumstances—without worrying about image-maintenance, security, or being harassed. The prosperous culture sustains today, simultaneously being privacy-protective, politely friendly and sociable, and contentedly relaxed. A populace of well-established celebrities and UHNWIs has concentrated here. This is not a metropolis for building a career; it is a peaceful oasis of comfort after success has been achieved.

Away from metropolitan cliques and superficiality, family warmth flourishes in this community. Young generations of similarly high achievers tend to stay close to home. Some of the highest-ranking K-12 schools in the state are here. The growing families of the area tend to be strikingly grateful for their blessings, as demonstrated by the joyously vibrant congregations who meet at or near the Tennis Gardens or meadows of the golf courses. These enthusiastically musical churches are homes to influential leaders and their families, and are popular destinations for musician and world-leader clients of ours.

Privacy-Protective Transportation  for Local  Churches and Synagogues Free, with Unlimited Priority Resourcefulness Even on Christmas and the Busiest Saturday Evenings of December
The Palm Springs Area
Internationally Recognized Identifier

The expansively diverse Coachella Valley is known colloquially around the world as the Palm Springs area. The city of Palm Springs itself has gradually realigned itself with niches that are independent from ours and from the culture of the Golf Resorts Region.
Excluding PSP Airport, most of the non-local interests of our clients are in other directions.


Your Private Oasis