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The Golf Resorts Region


The Golf Resorts Region

The Coachella Valley's Oasis of Pristine Refinement

Privacy-Seeking Celebrities  •  Golf Aficionados  •  Global Equity Principals

Our convergence of the Coachella Valley's greatest luxuries, preeminent supplemental facilities, and finest services is facilitated in the area that simultaneously achieves maximal status in embracing executive independent prosperity and medical resourcefulness: the Golf Resorts Region.

The combination of a the affluent cities of La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, and Indian Wells has encircled into an especially exclusive oasis for privacy-protective cosmetic-surgery and celebrity retreats. Some locals, the nearby executive airport that is frequented by celebrity golfers, and other officials have named it the Golf Resorts Region of the Coachella Valley. The Golf Resorts Region is an oasis of discreet congeniality and respectful freedom for celebrities, semi-retired financiers, and golfers.

Many interwoven factors propel the Golf Resorts Region of the Coachella Valley to be among the most valuable destinations for executive privacy in the United States, particularly for those with area-relevant interests for sports, fund management, music, or healthcare.

The Palm Springs Area

Internationally Recognized Identifier

The expansively diverse Coachella Valley is known colloquially around the world as the Palm Springs area.The city of Palm Springs itself has gradually realigned itself with niches that are independent from ours and from the culture of the Golf Resorts Region.
Excluding PSP Airport, most of the non-local interests of our clients are in other directions.


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