Dignitary Discretion

The Ultimate in Carefree Privacy  for  Romantic Fine Dining

Custom Gourmet
Your custom gourmet cuisine, drinks, and delicacies are served 24 hours. All of the dining benefits of the Executive Collection apply to Romantic Sovereignty, sweetened with love and joy. Please click for the main dining page of the Executive Collection.
Nearly anything you want, anytime you want it,
is served not in a crowded restaurant with awkward compromises and restrictive seats—
but in the ultimate in romantic settings:
by the fireplace or in bed— with gourmet delicacies served to you on fine china with white linen. The dress code is no shoes, no shirt, no...anything!
Ultra All-Inclusive Excitement
Have cork pops
multiple times every night.
Gently Encouraging a Lighthearted Mood

In Private

Complimentary Connoisseur Beverages  Served by  Cheerful Mood-Setting Hostesses

Legal and safety limitations apply to the serving of alcohol. Provisions for more than one guest of the primary individual client and some special requests are subject to reimbursement of our actual costs. Please provide advance requests to enable greater availability of your preferences.