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Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Your surround-sound system gently awakens you to a slowly escalating concerto, followed by your chambermaid tenderly brightening you with breakfast in bed.

A warm-hearted chambermaid will carefully awaken you at your pre-specified time.

Your complimentary gourmet breakfasts in bed are sweetly presented of almost any cuisine that would be most refreshing to you. Hypoallergenic, diabetic, cardiac, kosher, and other customizations are carefully respected. Please click here to learn more.

Your favorite fresh juices, single-terroir espresso drinks prepared in your favorite style, exotic tea, premium-caliber mimosas, and/or whatever else you would like for awakening are normally all unlimited.

She would be particularly excited to awaken you with glee to some nice big cups of coffee (Irish-style, of course), or premium-caliber mimosas.


Bedside Service 24 Hours


Gourmet Cuisine • Fine Delicacies  • Connoisseur Beverages

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Soothed to Sleep Nightly for a Refreshed Awakening

Restful Sleep

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