Dignitary Discretion

Private Dining

Your Suite or Villa Relax in Off-Book Privacy
Full-Service Fine Dining Loyally Serving Only You, 24 Hours
Custom Gourmet Coordinated with Local Chefs and Vendors
Connoisseur Beverages
Premium-Caliber Wine Your Favorite Varietals
Exotic Coffee and Tea Pre-Ordered Specialties per Your Preferences
Indulgent Liquor Your Favorite Brand Names
Generally All Free No Tips • No Surcharges Provisions for visitors of yours and some special requests are reimbursable at our actual cost.   Limitations and exclusions apply, but
most clients do not incur any costs for any of their food or beverages while in their suites/villas.

Please click here for introductory general policies regarding food and beverages.

Ultra all-inclusive

Private Service

Singularly Dedicated to You

Contented Peacefulness  while You Are  Actively Insulated from Reporters and Adversaries

Our instinctively protective professionals naturally care for clients, within a context of reciprocally genuine loyalty.

That instinctive care extends to dignitary-style in-suite dining.  Inherent to the characteristics that are usually necessary to rise to dignitary levels, especially among those who represent US-friendly cultures, most officials and representatives who are traveling in a diplomatic capacity are honorable, friendly people who value personal care and attentive helpfulness.  Stiff formalities are usually only a function of staged ceremonies in public view.

We are glad to provide whatever food and drinks you would enjoy the most, on whatever schedule you wish, with discreet and welcoming congeniality.  We are accustomed to the dignitary culture of reciprocal support and flexibility, responding to complicated and unusual requests with discreet friendliness.

Your favorite gourmet cuisines are sourced from local restaurants and markets. Fine wine, premium liquors, single-terroir espresso, and exotic tea are all pre-ordered based on your preferences.

Full-Service 24 Hour Room Service Five-Star Hotel

Each meal is conceptualized based on your unique tastes and dietary needs.

Please click here to learn about your individualized cuisine and beverages for your hypoallergenic, kosher, and taste preferences.


Private Entertaining

Countersurveillance Protections  for  Deal-Supportive Relaxation

Reimbursable expenses apply to the actual costs of provisions for any entertaining of your guests. We do not charge fees for food or beverages ourselves, which are incidental to our primary business of contracted legal services and associated protective hospitality; fees are equal regardless of food and beverages.

Secret Parties

No Rabbit Food for Squirrels

Our clients are primarily comprised of strong leaders and serious professionals,
who need more energy than what is fashionable in haute cuisine.

Among those niches, if you've graduated to PMC work, there's no need for a luxury hotel's MRE-on-a-frilly-plate rabbit food. If the white coats are threatening a diet that seems to be going in the direction of sugar packets and multivitamins, you can relax—we specifically include buffalo and Select (lower fat) fillet mignon (or go for the porterhouse!) beef steaks as being free with your all-inclusive Executive Collection diet.


Private Dining  and  Executive Effectiveness