Dignitary Discretion
Christmas Tree
Dignitary Discretion Newport Beach

This close-up picture was taken on Christmas Day 2008.


Unfettered Family Joy


Christmas and Hanukkah Enhancement Packages

Christmas in Monarch Beach
Five-Star Plus Luxury Christmas Hotel Joy with No ID Required
Sabbat Goy Services Hotel Five Star Luxury

We specialize in loyal resourcefulness, supporting almost any special request,
regardless of customary capabilities of hospitality or readily available business services.

Each package type provides respective benefits.
Signature hospitality provides the baseline standard of excellence.
More luxurious services are added for throughly full-service hosting of family gatherings with Executive Luxury.
For those with complex mobility or medical challenges, the sophisticated customization of Enduring Executive enables respectful and warm family gatherings.
Romantic Sovereignty is excellent for private togetherness.
Executive professinal services dependably handle year-end business complexities, so that you can relax with family.

Please collaborate with your concierge regarding fees for special requests and optional services.

Our expenses for your guests are reimbursable, with no surcharges. Enhancements are available with regularly priced full weeks. Rabbit Hole Refuge and White Cloak Comfort are special services for budget-friendlier business travel, and are not structured to enable family enhancements. Premium fees apply to services between December 20 and January 2 lasting less than a week. Services in Las Vegas and McLean between December 29 and January 2 require special security registrations.


Unwrap the Joy

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