Enhanced Benefits One Week to One Year

Services of One Week to One Year

Progressively Favorable Benefits and Lower Rates


Lower costs, reduced security exposures, greater individualization, and more time flexibility enable progressively lower rates and more benefits to you. Our variable costs, security redundancies, and resources for benefits favorably improve exponentially, compared to the relative consistencies of customary hospitality. By compounding longer-duration services with advance purchases, your rates progressively fall, and benefits progressively increase.

Stay rested and focused with sustained services, at little or no additional cost. Frivolous hotel schedules should not make you harried and rushed, taking priority over the reason for your travels. Don't let opportunities fizzle away because of a need to leave before close a deal. Avoid losing opportunities for sophisticated synergies of strategic value, in order to rush through otherwise routine deals. Fulfill relationships and return energetically, instead of sealing your trip with harried stress.

Our motives are aligned with yours. We endeavor to discourage being caught in the frivolousness of selling bed nights, distracting ourselves from our orientation of developing long-term clients for sophisticated professional services. When including indirect losses, our average costs are far lower for security-oriented business clients whom we benefit with full weeks of aligned services, compared to the (rare, due to our discouragement) situations of ostentatious overnighters who insist simply on whatever hospitality is the best in an area (and whom we usually place separately to mitigate their whims of posting to the Internet—potentially including security matters), regardless of inapplicable niche specialties.

A Full Week

Variety of Powerful Additional Benefits
Sustained Executive Invigoration and Evocation of Success
Approximating the Price of Three or Four Days

A Full Month

VIP Enhanced Services
Resourcefully Empowering the Success of Your Projects
Approximating the Price of Twenty Days
Comparing to the Already Reduced Weekly Rates

A Full Year

Fully Custom Executive Living
Approximating the Price of Seven Months
Comparing to the Already Reduced Monthly Rates

The benefits herein are provided each full week, unless you decide to combine the respective benefits of multiple weeks. Exclusions of some bonus services and degrees of lower rates apply to specially discounted and Rabbit Hole Refuge packages. VIP-caliber benefits generally pertain to packages of the Executive Collection. Overriding account-specific terms are individually arranged.  Progressively greater individualization and elaborateness of weekly benefits are enabled by sustained longer services and greater advance planning, up to a year for each factor.

Examples of Enhanced Benefits
Surpassing the Customary Capabilities of Luxury Hospitality
Applicable to Most Regular Reservations Placed Directly with Dignitary Discretion

Weekly Leisure and Personal Care

Weekly Gifts

The benefits herein apply to services of the Executive Collection, after each full week of services that had been reserved directly. Exclusions apply with specially discounted rates, Rabbit Hole and Comfort packages, and reservations placed via publicly accessible travel sites. Dignitary/VIP-caliber benefits pertain to Executive Collection packages. Services must be coordinated with a concierge before reserving, or within one day after placing a reservation (and no later than within two hours of placing a reservation for services that are scheduled to begin within seven days). Chan-wide reservation policies apply. Additional limitations and conditions apply to specific types of benefits. Please contact us for details, and to optimize your services based on whatever is most important to you.

Lower Rates

Our average daily costs—and your prices—dramatically decrease with longer stays.

Stay Rested and Focused—hotel schedules should not make you harried and rushed, taking priority over your goals. For little or no additional cost, take the time to achieve progress with excellence, and to return rested.

Additional benefits are based on the service package. Please click on your packages of interest for more information regarding the complimentary weekly and monthly enhancements.

Privately Enhanced Custom Benefits Weekly • Monthly
Clandestine Luxury
Clandestine Luxury
Among Our Weekly Gifts of
Goodwill to You
Welcoming You with Your Opportunity to Move Forward

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