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Hydrotherapy Body Scrubs

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Contentedly drift to sleep after your burdens are washed away with luxury bath service.

Supporting Your Executive Complexities
Uniquely Optimized

Our niches tend to be disinterested in vanities and ego-feeding inefficiencies, but they are appreciative of support for restfulness and focus for being in command with triumphant business travel.  Please click here for our inspirational insights gleaned from the wisdom of US Chiefs of Staff.

Partially inspired by the old-world elegance sustained by some of the most luxurious hotels in Paris, London, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and elsewhere, we adapt hydrotherapy body scrubs to support your restfulness during intensive business travel. Traditional hotel butler service includes drawing baths and handing towels to guests upon exiting showers, but we elevate and align the services to wash away your burdens, with schedule-respecting potency intended for your maximized overall focus and productivity. The 24-hour dedicated care of the Executive Collection welcomes you to soothing evening baths, and dapper preparation assistance for the day each morning.

There are no tips, and no fees from Dignitary Discretion.  (As relevant, bath service is provided by relevantly licensed, discreetly professional contractors.  Licensed healthcare providers may charge relevant fees as coordinated with your consent, such as by physical therapists with Enduring Executive for post-surgical specialties.  Dignitary Discretion does not provide healthcare services.)  Due to the intensive services of on-site dedicated specialists before, during, and after luxury bath service, and due to the needs for appropriate bath fixtures, bath service is limited to regular packages of the Executive Collection.  To help prevent mass-market leisure attraction to our services focally based on bath services, instead of as incidental to our sophisticated executive service, hydrotherapy body scrubs are complimentary each night, beginning with the

  • fifth night of Executive Luxury or Executive Sovereignty,
  • the fourth night of Romantic Sovereignty, or
  • the second night with Enduring Executive, Island Enclaves, or Executive Cruises.

Some locales restrict the hours for which some spa services can be provided. Policies, regulations, and case-by-case approvals pertain to activities to the autonomous safety of workers.

Bathed in Relaxation before Drifting to Sleep

Soothed to Restful Sleep Each Night  and  Gently Awakened Each Morning for a Day in Contented Command

Restful Sleep

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