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One of several sources of inspiration for our services originated from the decades of experiences of a close associate and friend of our founders. Many of the details have now been declassified.

This friend had provided covert protection of US-friendly exiled heads of state. In particular, he arranged for secure, secret hospitality for two unrelated heads of state who, to this day, are each regarded by most civilians as having been abysmally dishonest and immoral scoundrels—not knowing that these leaders created and upheld important ally relationships with the US.

The denigration was fabricated from the rewritten history of the propaganda spread by the respective countries' subsequent leaders. What most Americans do not realize is that the leaders had been exiled, without cogent means of defending themselves, after denigration of their clandestine cooperation and support of interests of the United States. The defamatory profiles were twisted out of context from reality, and the actual impetus by the successors of the denigration was to push out Western influences—contributing to some of the United States' worst troubles of the present.

Our associate did not betray these former leaders like the rest of the world. He kept them healthy, safe via untraceable whereabouts, and relatively comfortable. An inspirational example is how one of these friendlies had been secretly kept at a US military base.

Although it kept him safe, the base was lonely, boring, and utilitarian. He dreamed of a particular US beer that had been a favorite indulgence of his with the US ambassador. As is characteristic of our associate's virtue of unwavering loyalty, our associate had a case of that particular beer flown by helicopter to that military base every week. The former leader was reminded every week that he at least had one friend who had not betrayed him.


Faithful Resource

If you are not a US citizen, but if you would like our hospitality based on the referral from a patriotic US citizen, we shall be extremely careful and respectful for your support of the cultivation of democracy and freedom.

No Secured Facilities

The US military, federal agencies, and major PMCs have secured facilities and safehouses that would be much safer than anything we could provide, but if you urgently need somewhere to stay, without looking like you have any US-governmental interaction, we would be honored to assist.  We uniquely avoid most of the porousness of hotels, and we shall be flexibly compliant with whatever esoteric protocols you and your handler identify. Partially as a function of off-book compartmentalization in nondescript consumer buildings, we deliberately do not have any security-cleared facilities.

Suggested Protocols

We respect that most protocols are arbitrary and full of loopbacks, and we have no need to know the rationale of any of them.

Do not attempt to contact us directly. Such contacts are performed by handlers who are US citizens.

If you need to establish thin breadcrumbs, any non-cancellable online reservation at a large hotel, for dates while you are actually staying with us, would provide documentation without the need for personal arrival.


Please do not identify yourself by a sensitive name or a valuable legend.  Our structure is deliberately compartmentalized, so you can use thin social references. Please especially never reveal an established alias/name of yours to any hospitality worker below the senior concierge (the commercially friendly title for our director of stations; each concierge is a station keeper)—but, even for a senior concierge, you do not need to use any form of verifiable/documented identity. Separately, no identifying information about you, your whereabouts, your circumstances, or your validation will be shared with anyone else internally or externally, unless there is a need for you to choose to make an exception.  In the event of an emergency if you cannot be reached, a backup protocol with a pre-established US cutout/handler/incoming comms address will be used.

Informal Endorsement Required

We separately maintain strict policies against anyone from ever contacting us for any reason if there is any type of association with a government, organization, contractor, or individual unfriendly to the security, foreign, or military interests of the US, UK, or Israel. This article pertains to the exactly one partial exception, but, likewise, please only contact us through a genuinely patriotic, level-headed, non-watched US citizen.

Because you would otherwise be disqualified, and neither you nor we would want the precarious situation if an instinctively perceptive concierge/keeper were to suspect something potentially amiss (such as a particular local accent), a bona-fides validation may be performed via SCI and eyes only. We will not ask any superfluous questions or any kind of indirect suggestion of any of the underlying issues, and there is no need for any such information. A with a keeper's notation merely that you (identified only via cryptonym, with no recorded connection to any official name or likeness) have been validated, although expense reimbursement would apply for any relevant travel or other costs. We don't need to know your birth name, and your US military/federal handler—or cutout thereof—can anonymously establish himself or herself merely by demonstrating some kind of restricted military/federal access.

Either of the following will validate your friendly status.

  • An employee, albeit not necessarily the primary handler, of a military or foreign-affairs agency endorses you (via any unmistakable means of reference, not necessarily a name) to us (knowing what we do) as a good person. This can be done orally, in person, either with verifiable military/agency identification, or at a secured military or government location where clearance is required for anyone who is not escorted.
  • You are retrieved from a military base or secured foreign-affairs office of the US and are also observed being allowed reentry within a relaxed posture of cleared security.
  • You are retrieved from any US government (military or other federal) aircraft, ship, or military base, wherein you have movement freedom and are treated with a relaxed posture of cleared security.

Awareness of your presence will normally be classified as S//SCI, strictly secret from all sources whom you do not specifically authorize, especially anyone not known to be friendly. If anyone were to contact us or a designated second-level cutout unexpectedly (even under the context of an emergency), or if any authorized contact were to break a bona fides verification protocol, you (or your trusted US military/federal handler, if we could not reach you immediately) would will be warned via reasonably untraceable means with salted single-instance encryption.


Actively Protective of Your Confidentiality

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