Dignitary Discretion
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US Subcontractors
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Fundamentals of Rationale

Some civilians and people in overt official roles have difficulty comprehending why there would be a need for arms-length independence with offshore entities.  Direct governmental operations involving classified matters are routinely performed under the guise of domestic entities.  A fundamental concept of clandestine subcontracting extends to a preference for absolutely loyal but offshore entitles.


Examples of suitable applications of off-book agents, subcontractors of PMCs, and similar contractors include the following:

  • the need for precise and swift directness with urgency, command immediacy, and total compartmentalization;
  • complex SCI matters (wherein precise compartmentalization is needed across multiple arenas);
  • preventing ineffectiveness during genuine emergencies wherein bureaucratic structures would impose responsibility by other departments for being held responsible for their awareness (or duty to be aware) in the event of embarrassment;
  • enhanced risk of failure and the opportunity to mitigate responsibility for the lives, freedom, or association of those involved;
  • avoiding diplomatic catastrophes, especially small, isolated events that could be argued to be acts of war or other breaches into unfriendly nations; and
  • preventing international controversy, especially involving nations that are officially based on religions that conflict with the interests of the US and/or Israel.

With deniability by the relevant agency, an offshore PMC can pursue urgent objectives without political turmoil, can avoid de facto declarations of war, and can pursue covert goals with compartmentalization and nimbleness.  A blunt illustration pertains to the sibling-rivalry characteristics of the relationship between the Agency and the Bureau, coming together as family against outside harm.

Our founding group consistently been willing to incur unlimited personal risks for the legitimate, governmentally ordered foreign interests of the US, UK, and Israel, with unquestioning faithfulness.

TS backstop counterinfiltration

The following text includes personal opinions submitted by a founding manager. There are no commercial interests or endorsements by the respective production, distribution, or talent principals in Dignitary Discretion, CIC Legal Services, or HT Assets LLC.

Awareness Popularized by the Media

Occasionally, mass-media productions include some accurate portrayals of the nuanced tribulations of people who endure complex professional situations.

The general public tends to be able to comprehend the denigration and privacy risks relevant by considering the lives of celebrities.  Indeed, high-profile individuals face constant risks of security and denigration. Other professions tend to be too complex, minimally publicized, and uninteresting to be scandalized in tabloids.  However, some people in the entertainment industry empathize with other professions, and effectively portray the personal turmoil that most people disregard or are of which unaware.

Many of those portrayed professions become the fodder of farces, with preposterously unrealistic fantasy. Vague business tycoons have seemingly unlimited access to global resources and wealth, or there are messages that self-destruct in thirty seconds in a puff of smoke.

Usually with the involvement of someone who endured related turmoil, there are occasional screenplays that fulfill the cathartic revelations of real people (albeit usually enmeshed in an unrealistic fantasy of a tidy plot).

We find that many members of the general public have wild misconceptions of some of our niches. Without the ability to empathize with these niches, they often make incorrect assumptions of our services. Each of us in management has lived through turmoil to which few people can relate, with widespread manifestations that are absent from popular culture. Among friends and family, we find that some movies and television shows can inspire a bridge of empathy, vicariously feeling ninety minutes of the pernicious tribulations that otherwise would be limited to involuntarily redacted, vaguely referred histories.

We identify these particular productions because they uphold some aspects of real-life portrayals of the inspirations of real-life professionals, who continue to suffer through alienating denigration caused by exploitations of lifelong moral dedication—what we know first-handedly to be the genuine ethics and hard work usually needed for the gradual developments of sensitive careers.

The visual action scenes of most of the high-budget, successful action productions are often ridiculously unrealistic, but the exemplified dramas above are noteworthy because they are full of rarely-publicized nuances of complexities that we personally know to occur among relevant professionals in certain circumstances. Whereas the general public watches for vicarious excitement with fantasies in the unrealistic action, people we know fantasize in the happy endings, with unrealistically simple vindications of goodwill from family and society. Applying that sense of vindication to practical relationship rebuilding, these productions can be low-friction resources for building understanding by friends and family of clients who find themselves isolated.


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