Complimentary In-Suite Dining

Individualized Cuisine

Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
Romantic Sovereignty by Dignitary Discretion
Signature by Dignitary Discretion
White Cloak Comfort by Dignitary Discretion
All-Inclusive Custom Cuisine

Medically Accommodative

Hypoallergenic • Diabetic • Low Salt • Almost Any Other Requirements


As a benefit of our all-inclusive customization, all foods and beverages are provided based on your detailed cuisine preferences.  We carefully respect your dietary requirements, and we are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to support your medical needs.


High-Risk Avoidance of Exposure

Limitations Apply

As a function of our vigorous sense of protectiveness, we attempt to insist in good faith for food preparers to implement your requests. We endeavor to be thoughtful regarding condiments and other ingredients that could have hidden issues, which we generally attempt to convey to preparers. The outsourcing nature of our work with restaurants means that we cannot be assured of accurate fulfillment. If something does not seem correct to you, stop and we will replace it.

Custom-purchased, premium-caliber grocery foods are complimentary with all of our standard packages, with minimal limitations.  To avoid the risks of exposure that derive from restaurant preparations, we alternatively encourage the delivery of fresh and labeled-package groceries to you.  If you are reserving a Signature or Rabbit Hole Refuge (additional limitations apply to RHR), please promptly coordinate when you place your reservation for a kitchenette that meets your requirements, usually at no additional cost.  With the benefits of the 24-hour dedicated servants and the fully equipped, pristine kitchens of the packages of the Executive Collection, we are happy to prepare those foods directly in your presence.

Flexibility Based on the Personal Involvement Afforded by the Respective Package

Our functional capacity to customize your food and beverages depends on the hospitality package.

  • Rabbit Hole Refuge primarily involves self-catering, wherein we provide custom deliveries from major local grocers of mainstream foods.  This budget-friendlier option is prudent if you are willing and able to prepare your own meals using mainstream groceries.  Your concierge will be happy to order groceries for you that you specify, usually at no cost to you for any aspect of the food and beverages.
  • Signature hospitality is for single-restaurant deliveries of prepared meals.  Although medically coordinated, White Cloak Comfort is similarly limited, and therefore cuisine would be relegated to relatively simple preparations if special requirements are specified.
  • Active customization that requires on-site assembly or sourcing from more than one vendor is the domain of our packages of the Executive Collection—typically Executive Luxury—wherein staff members administer your gourmet food and beverages on-site 24 hours, dedicated exclusively to you.
  • Labile complexities and active healthcare coordination can be accommodated with Enduring Executive. This is the ultimate solution, enabling custom meals that surpass the medical specificity of the dietetic services of most hospitals. Full-service detailed individualization at the gourmet level is provided 24 hours.

Please click here for introductory general policies regarding food and beverages.

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