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Kosher Respect

Kosher Dining and Shabbat Goy Services

Complimentary with Standard Packages
Compimentary Kosher cuisine and beverages
Complimentary Kosher Cuisine and Beverages

Kosher is an excellent assurance of wholesomeness.

Simply mention "Kosher" anywhere in your reservation.

Expanding from our general policy of accommodating your dietary preferences and requirements, our comprehensive Kosher Package adds a warm welcome.

Regardless of whether you are Jewish, we welcome you to specify Kosher foods and beverages. Take comfort knowing that the packaged foods (particularly with the grocery deliveries of Rabbit Hole Refuge, as opposed to full meal deliveries of other packages) you consume have been certified by a Rabbi for wholesomeness and clean preparation. Those same concepts of care apply to prepared meals.

The complimentary kosher package provides the following benefits.

  • All food is carefully upheld as kosher.  All packaged foods and packaged ingredients are rabbinically certified as kosher, and most prepared foods derive from Jewish delis.  No food derives from any kitchen that prepares shellfish or pork.
  • Wines are certified kosher.  Premium bottles are pre-ordered, based on your preferences of fine varietals.  The kosher wines originate in Israel, and, with your approval, from California.
  • Free pre-scheduled luxury transportation is provided to your choice of nearby Temple on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays.  During peak occasions for chauffeuring, such as Friday evenings, priority of available resources is allocated to those going to Temple, above those going on business and social outings.
  • On Sabbath, urgent necessities of deliveries and services are remotely coordinated free of charge.  Out-of-pocket expenses, preapproved by you, are charged to your account. 

    You will be treated with personal friendliness and heartfelt care extending beyond professional duties.  Shabbat goy services are performed by mainstream Christian contractors who revere the Torah as the Old Testament, support Judeo-Christian values, and respect the Sabbath and Hanukkah as Biblically sanctified.


Specific Package Arrangements

Executive Luxury

With Executive Luxury, specially enhanced services are complimentary for Hanukkah and Passover. In-suite personal services are discreetly provided by a Christian Shabbat goy—usually without your needing to ask—freeing you to enjoy your family, even if you are faced with critical needs during Sabbath.  Routine non-Sabbath services include catering, secretarial services, executive proxy, gift preparation, and errands.

Specially Discounted and Rabbit Hole Refuge

Actual costs incurred are expensed as reimbursable with specially discounted packages and Rabbit Hole Refuge. Due to the limited availability of vendors and various direct, indirect, and labor costs involved, the applicability of reimbursement with specially discounted packages and Rabbit Hole Refuge applies to all prepared foods, excluding packaged items that are ubiquitous among non-specialty local grocers.  Requests for premium-caliber wines are welcome but subject to reimbursement.


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