Dignitary Discretion
Your Arrival to Your Accommodations
 Your Entry into Solace 
Protecting Your Confidentiality

Your Private Arrival

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No ID Required Suppressing Compromised Exposures  of  Your Confidential Personal Information Avoid fishbowl exposures of a hotel lobby. Avoid easily infiltrated high-turnover staff. Stop marble-reverberating disclosures.
Protectively Private Service Avoid subjecting yourself to the indignities of a front desk. Forgo consumer-simplistic subservience to a front desk clerk.
Suppress dehumanization into a reservation number.
Bypass the bureaucracy of registration.
A private welcoming applies with most reservation arrangements. Variations and exclusions apply. Specially Discounted Packages
Rabbit Hole Refuge Reservations Placed via Online Travel Sites

Continuoulsy Sustained Welcoming with Packages of the Executive Collection

Dignitary-Style Full-Service Welcoming
Continuous Proxy Anonymity via 24-Hour Dedicated Servants, exclusively attending to you.

Helping You to Your Suite

In Command

Executive Resources  and  Success-Evocative Image

Hit the Ground Running

You may identify which luggage you would like to have unpacked, how you would like everything arranged, and (if you wish, under your direct supervision of a countersurveillance specialist) what electronics you would like to have configured.

Your concierge would be happy to coordinate the discreet purchasing and delivery of whatever garments, supplies, equipment, and pleasant comforts you did not pack. No fees, markups beyond the reimbursable charges of full-service vendors, or tipping would apply.

Dapper Evocation of Success

If you have any shoes to be shined or clothes to be ironed, we can usually do so in less than 24 hours, initiating your stay with a fresh start. (Laundry, ironing, and shoe-shining services with turnaround times of less than one week are subject to reimbursement at our cost.)

Supporting Your Entry into Solace

The Ultimate in Private Service Off-Book Sophistication


We do not provide legal advice or guarantees of compliance. Within parameters that we regard as lawful, prudent, and secure, we endeavor to fulfill your instructions.

Actively Protective of Your Confidentiality

Paradigms for Your Privacy
Private Executive Services Off-Book Compartmentalization Cutout Correspondent Proxy/Surrogate
Safehouse Paradigm for Hospitality
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Welcoming You with Your Opportunity to Move Forward