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Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
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Free Bed Cabana


Complimentary Ultra Pool

In addition to your primary pool, luxuriate each full week of regular Signature, Executive Luxury, or Romantic Sovereignty with a complimentary bed cabana at the Moorea Beach Club, via chauffeur.

The Moorea Beach Club™ is a premium European-style pool designed for memorable delights. With your coveted bed cabana, you'll be in a position of Vegas pool royalty, bestowing any invitees you select with a luxuriously pampered special status, above the ordinary pool crowd. As a cabana patron, you'll have special hostess status, further exciting anyone you select to join you.

(Limitations apply to food and drink provisions, and do not apply to your invitees.)

Free Bed Cabana Massage

With each full week of Executive Luxury or Romantic Sovereignty, immerse yourself in the bliss of a complimentary bed massage with a cabana at the Moorea Beach Club™. If the Moorea Beach Club does not have availability, you will be credited for an aggregate of two complimentary massages in your suite. Weekly massages are automatically complimentary with packages of the Executive Collection, regardless of location. Each in-suite massage is provided by a specialist, selected based on your choice of modality, in the privacy of your suite.

With a full week of regular Signature, you may choose to apply your free weekly leisure experience to receive the free bed massage at your cabana.


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