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Ultra-Extended Resort Amenities

Free Usage of Extended Collection of Amenities
On-Site Amenities, plus a Custom Assortment of Your Favorites from Other Resorts

Off-Book Transportation
Private 24-Hour Access to Supplemental Amenities

Vouchers and Ultra All-Inclusive Benefits
Your Off-Book Gifts

The Extraordinarily Extended Best of Vegas

Your Favorite Amenities among the Resorts

Unrestrained, Off-Book Vegas Excitement

$250 per Day Vouchers • Credits Your Gift in Appreciation of Placing Your Reservation Directly

Experience unrestricted Vegas excitement, without the guilt of spending your money, and without restrictions on business expenses.

As gifts of goodwill for direct clients of sustained regular marketing operations, there is no cash value, and no effect on rates with or without the vouchers. Exclusions apply with specially discounted packages, as further defined by clicking here. These daily gifts are accumulative in value, and any unused gifts remain yours permanently for future delights. If you are staying with us in a private suite at Vdara™, popular destinations are the sister casino-resort of Aria™, and the connected casino-resort of Bellagio™. Please collaborate with a concierge for conditions and to customize your benefits for your preferences.

You will experience this benefit with your regular Signature or Executive Collection package by reserving directly, or via an independent/corporate travel agent who contacts us as a function of fully personal coordination. Exclusions and limitations apply to reservations placed via online travel services, as further explained by clicking here. Depending on the duration of services, how far in advance the reservation is secured, and other factors, some reservations via third-party portals provide for per-stay or per-week (but not per-day) benefits, with limitations on venues and services.

Independence is inherent to protecting your compartmentalized privacy. Vdara, CityCenter, the Fountains of Bellagio, Aria, the Moorea Beach Club, and MGM are properties and trademarks of MGM Resorts International. Dignitary Discretion is a trademarked service brand of HT Assets LLC, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or subject to any persistent contracts with MGM Resorts International. AAA, Four Diamond, and Five Diamond are trademarks of the Automobile Association of America, with which Dignitary Discretion is a trademarked service brand of HT Assets LLC, which is not affiliated or licensed, with context pertaining to unaffiliated resorts at which services and/or goodwill gifts may be provided.

Executive Collection by Dignitary Discretion

Special Access and Benefits

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Services of One Week to One Year
Progressively Greater Benefits
Ultra-Extended, Premium-Caliber Amenities

Private Athletic Benefits

Primary Chain-Wide Benefits
Regularly Priced Signature Packages

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Descriptions herein are based on regular Signature packages. Specially discounted rates and Rabbit Hole Refuge are not applicable.
Additional VIP-caliber benefits pertain to packages of the Executive Collection.

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Off-Book Anonymity

Relaxation from Image Maintenance and Adversarial Opportunism

Most importantly for our niches, your concierge coordinates these complimentary experiences for your clandestinely compartmentalized anonymity.  The off-book transportation is also complimentary.

On Site

More Benefits


Your Hand of Aces

Sterilized, isolated villas are fully individualized. As one of the world's most vulnerable spots for the risk of an outbreak of vaccine-resistant mutation, special contingencies would be carefully coordinated for any suite overlooking the Las Vegas Strip; we suggest against normally concentrated tower suites.