Signature by Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas
Dignitary Discretion
Unhindered Business Progress  and  Executive Freedom
Off-Book Executive Support  and  Hospitality
Complex Business Services 24 Hours • Complimentary on an Incidental Basis Remotely Compartmentalized Surpassing Many Business-Relevant MILSPEC SCI Protocols
Privacy Protections  Example  24-Hour Private Housekeeping at Your Preferred Times when You are Present
Almost any Advance Request  Example  Hypoallergenic
Off-Strip Alternative to Avoid of Surveillance and Greater Amenities Complimentary if Requested when Reserving
Numerous Complimentary, Fully Custom Benefits  Examples  Custom Upscale Cuisine, Wine, and Liquor Daily 24-Hour Chauffeuring
Ultra-Extended Premium-Caliber Amenities Free Special Access Chosen from Your Favorite Resorts
Privately Held One-Bedroom Suite Luxury-Upgrade Caliber
View of the Famous Fountains of Center Strip
Individualized Enhancements by Dignitary Discretion Executive Services and Amenities
Each Occasion of Service is Custom

Regardless of requests, the method of reserving, or the type of package, individualized coordination is required,
beginning no later than the day that you place your reservation.

Limitations and conditions apply for all services, and some exclusions apply to specially discounted packages,
but each occasion of services is custom;
therefore, please coordinate in advance with a concierge, based on whatever is most important to you, with rates that are lower than anything online or via any system. A friendly and supportive concierge is on duty 24 hours. Personal relationships with agencies are upheld.

Independence Inherent to Compartmentalized Confidentiality

Please click here to learn about our independence, which is structured to support your confidentiality, with the insulation of compartmentalization.

MGM, the Fountains of Bellagio, Vdara, and CityCenter are trademarked properties of MGM Resorts International. We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or subject to any persistent contracts with MGM Resorts International.

Unique Executive Specialties
Signature Suite at Vdara from Dignitary Discretion
Executive Signature Suites at Vdara
Important Benefits
Specialties beyond Customary Hospitality Capabilities
Business Catalysts
Complementing Las Vegas Signature Hospitality

Anonymously Private Transportation

Individualized for You

Vegas Freedom

Versatility to Surpass the Offerings of any Other Five-Star Hospitality in Las Vegas

Your Hand of Aces

Sterilized, isolated villas are fully individualized. As one of the world's most vulnerable spots for the risk of an outbreak of vaccine-resistant mutation, special contingencies would be carefully coordinated for any suite overlooking the Las Vegas Strip; we suggest against normally concentrated tower suites.
Signature by Dignitary Discretion
Primary Chain-Wide Information
Services and accommodations generally remain effectively consistent chain-wide.
Location-based pages generally only reference specific variations.