Dignitary Discretion

Festivals • Championships • Destinations

Security • Carefree Comfort • Bliss

Sophisticated Off-Book VIP Care for Events and Meetings


Invigorate with a Dip

In Your Private Pool

With your luxury villa of Romantic Sovereignty or Executive Sovereignty, a luxury designer pool and hot tub are privately yours.

Private Pool Five Star Hotel Coachella Valley

You can simply jump in, no need for wrangling with pesky swimwear. Your cheerful hostess will discreetly collect everything, delicately take care of all laundry and dry cleaning, and have your fresh clothes hanging in the closet.

Savor fine liquors with freshly squeezed juice—while your muscles rejuvenate in the luxury hot tub.

Your hostess gently wraps you in a Tommy Bahama pool towel, offers you your clean robe, and congenially assists you with your evening attire.

Gourmet Dining on White Linen

Not Questionable Substances from a Filthy Concession Truck

Be served your favorite gourmet cuisine on fine china, and fine wine in exquisite crystal. 

Meanwhile, your event is live-streamed for you on the 4K ultra high-def screen with audiophile-grade surround sound.


At Your Beckon Call

Your At-Large Attaché

Coming to You with Dignitary-Style Personal Helpfulness

We're here to enable your success—while resourcefully preventing catastrophic risks.

Unexpected circumstances can enable you to capture profound opportunities, or can cause an important occasion to fall apart. A moment of panicked compromise for urgent needs can unleash an avalanche of problems. Your servants will bring you whatever you would like—whenever you want—always with thoughtfully protective discretion.

Everyone occasionally finds themselves in urgent situations of discreetly needing items of hygiene, apparel, sensuality, and/or medicine. (This service is not for serious medical emergencies—but perhaps we can help to prevent a frypan-to-cranium medical emergency with some nice pre-emptive flowers). Never feel awkward with us—few people could ever imagine what has been routine for us, which perhaps is why we never seem to have any memories of specific errands.


Successful Meetings Commanding and Impressive Presentations

Pre-IPO and LBO Acquisition Negotiations

If a contract under negotiation were to be accepted under a time-sensitive circumstance, we can print it, bring it to you, and subsequently E-mail, fax, or overnight for you.

A gourmet sandwich, freshly squeezed juice, and your favorite style of coffee: if that favorite preparation of coffee happens to be Irish, we'll bring a big bag full of conveniently pocket-sized bottles.  After you've had time to relax, we'll slip you a disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, and some breath mints. We carefully tend to lose any receipts for anything like those small bottles before anyone else wastes their time prying into your whims.  Those bottles are absurdly expensive from ordinary five-star hospitality, but, for mainstream brand names, we typically would not even trouble you for reimbursement.

If you need to change a presentation for an in-progress meeting, or if you need a record for an in-progress appointment, we would be happy to drop everything to fulfill anything you need, with sophisticated office and technical support available 24 hours if needed.


Social and Personal Occasions

Social Events Remain Suave and Graceful


Family and Church Events Sustained Fulfillment


Uninterrupted Romantic Moods Consummated with Discreet Support

Change without Leaving the Event We use large SUVs with enough room to change in the back during an event if you don't want to leave a festival—
or if someone bumps into you at a conference, leaving you covered in coffee.

Some special requests from you to incur expenditures on your behalf may be discreetly expensed as reimbursable, but we will customarily ask for your preapproval.


Any Needs You Have

Private Chauffeuring

24 Hours • All Free • Generally Unlimited


Events Past the Sweltering Crowds  and  Miles of Parking Lots

Empire Polo
Music Festivals
Coachella Parking
Southwest Church
Golf and Tennis

VIP Leisure Complimentary

Coachella Valley HVI No ID Necessary Country Club Golf
Extensive Health Club

Retrievals and Departures Full-Service Privacy

Limo VIP for Coachella Valley
Any Home or Office
Southern California
Beneficially Independent
Compartmentalized from Public Venues to Support Your Confidentiality

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a registered trademark of Goldenvoice. Dignitary Discretion is a trademarked service brand of HT Assets LLC, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by Goldenvoice; the Empire Polo Club; the Indian Wells Tennis Garden; ClubCorp; Marriott International, Inc.; or the Pacific Golf Association.

Limitations Apply

Limitations apply to all services, and some services involve additional fees. Please contact a concierge for an optimized package to provide you with what is most important to you, thereby often eliminating any additional costs for services beyond our standard inclusions. Because we normally chauffeur in luxury SUVs, open containers of alcoholic beverages cannot be in the vehicle while the motor is running. Some services require a full-week stay to qualify as complimentary, and our actual costs of rush/short-term services with shorter stays may be reimbursable.

Overnight Retrievals and Returns

Southern California


Arrive with Enthusiasm

Don't package your experience around long, boring drives.  Start the party early, keep the party going, and sleep in the car.  If you live or are staying elsewhere in Southern California, your VIP treatment lasts throughout your entire experience of going to and from the Coachella Valley.

Walk out your front door as your door is opened to VIP immersion.

  • A friendly chauffeur, concierge, or hostess carefully places all of your luggage in the luxury SUV.
  • All of your favorite premium food and non-alcoholic beverages will be limitlessly presented for you.
  • Watch prearranged Blu-ray movies on premium screens and audiophile-grade wireless headsets.
  • Sleep with plush neck pillows.

If You are Attending a Concert Event

Coachella Valley Concert VIP Transportation and Security

Shared Wisdom

Particular to the Coachella concerts, a frequent complaint among attendees is the tiring frustration of the long drives and the disappointments of crushed schedules in hours of abnormal Festival traffic that clog the Coachella Valley on Thursday evenings, Fridays, Mondays, and Tuesday mornings. Our comprehensive package with Executive Luxury or Romantic Sovereignty transforms the stress into special memories of living a dignitary experience. Don't jeopardize your safety or destroy everything with DUI issues.


Return on a Cloud of Joyous Memories

For your return trip, don't lose the joy to a conclusion of angst.  Don't jeopardize your safety or truncate the fun with DUI issues. Find yourself back at home—safe, calm, bathed, fed...and smiling.

  • Arise and on whatever schedule you want.  Don't lose the day to driving.  Have a memorably fun day in the region, being pampered in luxury.  You have the entire calendar day to enjoy.
  • Your chambermaid will follow your instructions for packing your luggage.
  • We will carefully place your luggage and accessible items in the luxury SUV.
  • All of your favorite premium food and non-alcoholic beverages will be limitlessly presented for you.
  • The SUVs feature your preference of convenient Wi-Fi or end-to-end encryption.
  • Sleep with plush neck pillows.

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