Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
Your Luxurious Suite or Villa Facilitating Your Triumphant Business Travels
The Progress of Unhindered Autonomy Dignitary-Style Countersurveillance Paradigm Integration for Your Direct Control
The Empowerment of Executive Resources and Features Exclusive Enhancements by Dignitary Discretion Categorically Surpassing Customary Five-Star Business Sophistication
The Productivity of a Spacious Executive Environment Luxurious Suites and Villas Privately Individualized
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Applicable Chainwide To provide dependability to our core niches who stay with us in multiple locations,
specifically listed features and benefits are the same chainwide. Exceptions apply to custom arrangements and specially discounted rates. Architectural structures and interior designs vary among the locales, but specific mandates of modern luxury are applied (unless you approve otherwise, particularly with special requests or exceptional benefits).
Individualized for You Based on whatever is most important to you, and on relevant availability, within committed specifications. We endeavor to enable all special requests, regardless of the customary capabilities of ordinary five-star hospitality. Most special requests are optimized at no extra cost, after collaborating in advance.

Restful Bedding

Executive Soveriegnty--Villa in Privacy
Extensive Individualization
Hypoallergenic and Orthopedic Customization for Your Needs with Advance Request Please click here for the welcoming of your complex individualization.
Head, Wedge, or Full-Body Pillow
Supplemental Pillowtop Comfort or Orthopedic Supports
Optimal personalization welcomed with advance request.
Your Preferences of Luxury Sheets
Frette  •  Thousand-Thread-Count  •  Silk-Sateen

Orthopedic accessories and specialty linens must be special ordered, normally at least two weeks in advance, and are available with regularly priced Executive Collection or White Cloak Comfort services lasting one week or longer. Orthopedic accessories that are considered medical devices would require special coordination with duly licensed providers, and would be subject to reimbursement. Tommy Bahama is a trademark of the Tommy Bahama Group, Inc. Frette is a common-law trademark in Italy, held in the United States by Frette North America. We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by Frette of Italy, Frette North America, or the Tommy Bahama Group, Inc.

Supporting Business Development
Complimentary Sake, Imported Japanese Tea, and imported Hand-Picked Green Tea

Most of the enhancements that are provided by us pertain to successful and secure business travels. Our philosophy of dignitary-style hosting extends to your hosting of others. Most of those benefits are provided without the need for you to ask, and many pertain to variable situations too extensive for reasonable listing on a site like this.

To present ourselves accurately, we are naturally focused on sensitive matters of serious importance, not characteristically oriented towards frilly furniture, gaudy structures, or ostentatious atmospheres. Plenty of five-star hotels provide pretty lobbies, diminutively aimless subservience, and dainty unobtrusiveness for in-room desks—fanciful elements for a young girl's playtime of pretending to be a princess. We prefer clean, secure, well-maintained excellence for avoiding manipulative thwarting of your efforts, sustaining your health and focus, and for supporting your rightful success. Taking priority for particular activities is our respect for business development and diplomacy. As such, we indeed surpass five-star standards for elegance of practical relevance, in the theme of the fruitful entertaining of dignitaries.

As merely a simple-to-explain, consistent example of the many features that rise above customary non-enhanced five-star hotel suites, your ultra all-inclusive gourmet dining is served with private full-service dedicated attendance 24 hours. Drinks and cuisine are served with gold-embossed fine crystal and china, not room-service industrialization—accentuating your pinnacle position as the ultimate host.

Beverly Hills Living Room beyond Five Star Hotel Standards

Facilitating Your success

Pristinely Secure

More Examples of the Superlative Protections of
Your Health and Security As Manifested with Housekeeping
Ultra All-Inclusive Benefits of the Executive Collection by Dignitary Discretion
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Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion

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