Dignitary Discretion
Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion
Services of Less than One Week Reserved in Advance

Unique and Valuable Benefits

Your Comprehensive Resource

For Confidentially Independent Business Travel

To support the paradigm of low-profile business travel, while providing some pleasant cushioning, we reward you with an upscale caliber of complimentary inclusions.

Regardless of any special requests or your method of reserving, please contact a concierge, no later than the day that you place your reservation, to begin optimizing your arrangements for your preferences.


Food, Wine, and Liquor All Free • All Custom • Upscale Quality


Private Transportation

Confidentially Driven Locally

Free Each Day

Relax in anonymity and convenience with complimentary private drivers.

  • For your arrival and departure, private transportation is provided for any regional transportation hub, home, or office.
  • For each day of your stay, round-trip transportation for any local destination is complimentary if you placed your reservation directly with us, or via a travel agent who provides personal service.
  • Priority transportation is provided for attendance at a church or synagogue on weekends and holidays. There are no blackout dates (Easter and Christmas are especially popular), and no restrictions on method of reservation or for specially discounted packages. We merely ask that you schedule in advance so that we can reasonably arrange manager-volunteer or consumer transportation.

Livery with Rabbit Hole is consumer-grade, which may include prepaid taxis or consumer drivers. Limitations and conditions apply, such as

  • the requirements for advance scheduling,
  • presence of the primary client in each ride, and
  • restricted availability on some holidays and on days of some major events.

We cover tips and toll charges.

Please contact us for details, and for optimization based on whatever is most important to you. For non-complimentary transportation, we provide 24-hour concierge proxy anonymity to arrange whatever transportation requests you have; the actual charges from the transportation providers are simply charged as reimbursable.


If you choose to have your own vehicle instead of making use of our complimentary livery services, single-space parking is complimentary.


Coordinated Corporate Housing

Upscale with Supplemental Benefits

Clandestine Hotel No ID Required

Based on your particular requests, short-stay Rabbit Hole Refuge is typically outsourced to a customary hotel room or basic vacation rental. We supplement additional services, several of which surpass customary inclusions for luxury hospitality. Upgraded local amenities are complimentary and accessible via free transportation.

Before our supplemented services and amenities, the base hotel for regularly priced Rabbit Hole Refuge would typically be at a caliber of approximately four stars.

One or Two Beds

As a function of our primary mission of specialty fulfillment of niche preferences, particularly the safehouse paradigm, with Rabbit Hole Refuge as a sub-specialty of outsourced corporate housing, the ability to guarantee either one or two beds is only possible with a regularly priced reservation, with an increased rate of 20%. Because this premium request is not available via online reservations or third-party agencies, please contact us by phone or E-mail to place a reservation specifying one or two beds.


Business Development Niche

Rollup Pre-Negotiation Tours

As a corporate housing sub-specialty, Rabbit Hole Refuge is usually structured for services lasting one week to one year. However, with gratitude for referrals by investment bankers and business lawyers to clients who are embarking on rollup projects, we especially serve a niche of business-development managers who are confidentiality-protective. Rabbit Hole Refuge fulfills the otherwise conflicting requirements of many BD managers who are working on projects that are confidentially compartmentalized, thereby preventing clerical curiosity and gossip that could occur from exceptional arrangements:

  • off-book protections for insulation of awareness of interests in markets or acquisitions with serious sensitivities,
  • availability via most travel services (fulfilling corporate policies of using designated agencies or in-house corporate services), and
  • limited per-diem budgets (RHR is below the cost of our standard services, and provides for per-diem needs of food and transportation).

During the pre-negotiation analyses of a multi-location rollup, the stay in each locale is often less than a week. We are sensitive to B-D managers' concerns of preventing potential sellers from inflating prices (based on awareness of potential interest by a well-funded prospective buyer), and existing local competitors from having time for preemptive market/development sabotage.

Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion

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