Dignitary Discretion

Your Arrival


Please schedule and coordinate your private arrival by phone.
Driveway in Newport Beach

After a long drive, we understand how you would not want to stand behind a counter, haggling over a room while a high-turnover clerk is in possession of your information-laden ID. Before and during your drive, we will coordinate with you by phone.

Upon your arrival, we will unload your luggage and promptly escort you to your suite.

Later, we will provide a free standard exterior carwash for your vehicle (during daytime sun). within scheduling limitations, valet parking is provided.

Limitations and Conditions

Depending on the location, there are limitations and conditions, particularly prescheduling requirements and supplemental waivers of liability. Valet parking is available at most locations via separate service providers, for which we would credit your account. Limited hours apply for most valet services.

Additional parking and valet terms apply; the local provider will provide details. Otherwise, you are welcome to use an alternative parking provider, for which we would reimburse you, up to twice the cost of what we would have incurred with the default on-site parking provider.

Your Arrival

Discreet with Full-Service Dignity


Scheduling and Necessary Individualization

Required Call to Concierge Promptly upon Booking
Arrival and Departure Times
Changes to Your Itinerary

Local Arrival

Required Appointment Time
Each arrival is private, as a fundamental safehouse requirement of for your location-confidentiality.
Arriving by Sea
Support for Cruises and Yachts
Please coordinate your private arrival by phone.
Arrival with Handicap Assistance
Non-Emergency Support for Complex Disabilities

Your Confidential Location

Your Entry into Solace

Welcoming You to Your Unit
No on-Site Transactions
Payment in full must clear for services (including the chauffeuring service) to commence.
Your Specific Accommodations
Individualized to Your Preferences
Storage of Your Luggage on the Day of Arrival
Storage on the day of your arrival is normally only available with Executive Luxury, but you are welcome to schedule your arrival for any hour of the calendar day with a regular package of the Executive Collection.