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How to Pay by Credit Card

Important, Time-Sensitive Practicalities
Countermeasures to the Exposures  Inherent to  Ordinary Credit Card Records

Please click here so that you are not taken by surprise
with the extraordinarily protective methods that are applied.

Cordially Welcoming New Clients
Important, Time-Sensitive Requirements if Charging to a Card
Manifestations of Counterinfiltration Protections
Although standard charge cards are among the most porous of all major financial instruments,
travelers who are not yet acclimated to compartmentalized confidentiality often remain comfortable using them.
Please click here for important instructions if you wish to pay with a debit, credit, or prepaid card.
Your Menu of Payment Methods
Extraordinarily Diversified

We respect the confidentiality focus of members of our niches who avoid debit and credit cards during their sensitive travels.


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