Dignitary Discretion



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Remittances Necessary to Sustain a Reservation The terms of all rate plans are conditional on coordination at the time of reserving, and
on these necessary settlements of payments.

Inherent to our safehouse paradigm, we do not operate front desks or other open-security reception. Each arrival is private and confidentially coordinated in advance. Therefore, If you have not settled the applicable fees and deposit prior to arrival, we generally also would not have had the opportunity to coordinate your chauffeured rendezvous. Likewise, because each occasion of service is fully custom, and because clients who do not coordinate with us properly in advance are typically tacit cancellations by choosing not to fulfill the conditions of the reservation, there would be the disappointing circumstance of no hospitality awaiting your arrival.

Intentional Salience
Optimized for Boutique Specialties Not Generalized for Mass Markets Cognizance for Basic Consumer Travelers, while Time Remains for Reserving Elsewhere

Compartmentalized Protections for  and  Executive Sophistication


Invoicing Accounts
Relevance for a Hypothetical Principal of a

US PMC Subcontractor who is Legally Bound by the US National Security Acts of 1947 and 1949 to Comply with Compartmentalized Secrecy

Support for Federal NDA Compliance under TS//SCI

No Names or Locations on Records
Specialties for Niches
Privately Custom for Your Executive Complexities
Based on Wisdom for Independently Traveling Dignitaries
Welcoming You with Your Opportunity to Move Forward