Retainers and Deposits


Under Your Control • No Surcharges

You are welcome to charge almost any expenditure,
without risking the exposures of a credit card,
by applying your deposit funds instead.

Potential Examples

  • Urgent Presentations for Sensitive Negotiations
    Business negotiations are routinely confidential. Some are especially sensitive and must be kept off-book until the deal is done. Those sensitive deals disproportionately tend to involve complex presentations with rapidly changing content and timeliness. Almost anything you need, we can probably arrange, even at the complex professional level in the middle of the night.

    (To contradict non-executives who naively think that everything can be kept open, please consider circumstances when illegality can arise by enabling others to connect morsels of information that you do not diligently hide. One of many examples pertains to some anticipated transactions of publicly traded companies.)

  • Business Entertainment
    To build relations, you could find yourself hosting others for cocktails and dinners in the restaurant.  To exemplify a hypothetical further, if you were meeting with financiers in anticipation of a forthcoming deal, you could incur legal problems if you were cavalier about revealing pre-event confidentialities to non-principals (such as accounting staffers).

    For clients in our core markets: Please do not be offended that we must explain what our core markets already know to be good-faith legitimacy. Some unsophisticated people do not readily understand the insufficiently protected tribulations of niche groups of morally lawful executives and prominent individuals, and some tend to be skeptical of matters that they don't understand.

    For unsophisticated members of the populace who live on social media: Our paradigm is built on commitments of lifelong loyalty; we will not support unfaithfulness to an employer or a spouse.

  • Politely Customary Gifts
    Respect Other Cultures that Misalign with Standardized Policies
    Interpersonally polite gestures of goodwill are customary and prudent under many circumstances and cultures, but suspicious spouses and unsophisticated policies are not always rational or open for discussion, especially under urgent and extraordinary circumstances.

    (In response to some members of the populace who suspect malfeasance with anything confidential—albeit no actual clients ever seriously need this clarification—no, we're not referring to anything illegal here. Indeed, that exact attitude of spinning innocent line items into false implications is why we need to protect our clients.)

  • Executive Stamina and Levelheadedness
    Are you overstressed but in need of presenting yourself with confidence and acuity in forthcoming meetings? Hotels can provide an array of legitimate solutions, but if an adversary is vying for opportunities to denigrate you out of context, valuable opportunities could be needlessly wasted.

    Expenditures, activities, and records must be lawful.


You can remain relaxed knowing that if you need to add additional funds with us, you will not find yourself in a compromised situation with unexpected charges from a readily interrogated hotel, applied under your name on your credit card.  (A malicious adversary could simply call almost any luxury hotel after your departure, and self-identify as the you or from your accounting department, and simply provide the approximate dates of the stay, to yield whatever recorded details are being sought.)

Expenses that you incur to an account of ours without prior agreement are subject to reimbursement. With us, there generally is almost no limit to whatever lawful charges you choose to incur, and we will summarize the costs in your billing statement from us by simply adding everything together into the single line item of "Hospitality," "Lawyer-Contracted Services" (if applicable), "Business Services," or some other honest, non-fraudulent, and lawful description that you specify. Documentation must be accurate for lawful taxation purposes in the United States.


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