Dignitary Discretion

Financial Transactions

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Financial and Other Records

Elements of our services are supportive of professionals who potentially could be legally obligated to prevent general co-workers (such as accounting departments) and third parties (such as a series of financial-services providers) from knowledge of destinations.

Conceptual examples could include the following:

  • executives of public companies during materially sensitive business-development negotiations;
  • niche subcontractors (such as field operatives who are intensively subject to the US NS Acts of 1947 and 1949, consistently upholding WOL professionalism); and
  • high-tech developers who are subject to specialty NDAs.

If a client requests contractor cost-accounting, attorney-trust procedures, or other financial protocols, we endeavor to uphold ethical accuracy without compromising qualitative intelligence. Financial data are accumulated and summarized as much as possible per your specifications, including multiple reservations within specified time brackets or other criteria. Individual or aggregated reservations can be attributed to contractor cost accounts, attorney trust accounts, and even simply commissioned travel agents, after being stripped of all reference keys connected to any records of dates, locations, personal habits, activities, and conferences.


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