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Transactional Taxes

Hospitality services are intended to be incidental to business-development and for client benefit. All lodging that is subject to occupancy taxes is provided by separate entitles/individuals. Taxes are paid on your behalf as reimbursable.

The services of the Dignitary Discretion brand are ultimately intended for business development of clients for professional services, garnering introductions and demonstrations of expertise among sophisticated members of rarefied niches.

The services of the Dignitary Discretion brand are primarily intended for business development of clients for professional services, garnering introductions and demonstrations of expertise among sophisticated members of rarefied niches.  Hospitality benefits garner relationships for business development for CIC Legal Services and Business Catalysts of HT Assets LLC, and is an overall cost center. 

Fees may be earned for professional services in business, dignitary support, and/or security, with most such services in this context performed at variable client or remotely.  Regardless, no aspect of services from Dignitary Discretion should be considered legal advice or medical advice, or the creation of an attorney-client relationship. 

Non-affiliated entitles/individuals provide all fee-based lodging, transportation, and catering.  As a professional services firm hosting a developing client, the accommodation fees, taxes, and transportation are paid by Dignitary Discretion on your behalf.  The actual expenses of such are itemized during the reconciliation period, after the conclusion of services.  Itemized estimates are provided upon coordination directly with Dignitary Discretion, with the option of cancellation upon receipt of the itemized invoice.  Considering the objective of introductory business development, with palatable simplicity for high-profile individuals who are not yet experienced in relevantly secure travel, if the itemized incurred fees by us are greater than the originally estimated to you total of fees, Dignitary Discretion shall absorb the cost difference of excess fees. 

Reimbursable taxes that we pay on your behalf can pertain to hospitality (lodging and city taxes), merchandise (sales taxes), transportation (including, but not limited to, maritime and livery), and taxable services for which you provide payments to us, and for which we pay retail taxes on your behalf. We do not receive tax exemptions as a reseller, nor do we control any assets for taxable fees.

We are not the tax-designated principal of any lodging facilities, transportation, catering, or other assets or operations that are applicable to retail taxes. Non-affiliated entitles/individuals provide all lodging that is subject to occupancy taxes, and we pay retail taxes to the contracted tax designees. Taxes are estimated in advance, paid on your behalf, and itemized as reimbursable. Corporate housing that is secured for more than a month generally does not incur occupancy taxes. Taxes may vary based on the specific location, additional services, and statutory changes. If your prepayment of estimated taxes is greater than the actual total taxes incurred by us, a credit shall be issued to your account during the account reconciliation, after the conclusion of services.

In aggregate, our expenditures of retail taxes are significantly greater than the estimated taxes that are remitted to us. This is because the lodging fees that we pay, especially for the benefit of professional-services clients, are greater than the amounts for which we seek reimbursement.

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We do not provide legal advice or guarantees of compliance. Within parameters that we regard as lawful, prudent, and secure, we endeavor to fulfill your instructions.
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