Dignitary Discretion
Dignitary Discretion

Transactional Taxes


Dignitary Discretion provides client benefits as part of a professional services firm.
Prepaid taxes are estimated reimbursements that we pay on your behalf to lodging venues and other vendors. Credits are issued for any excess.

Dignitary Discretion is structured to provide professional services, with aggregate fees for taxable transactions being less than, or equal to, the retail expenditures that we make on your behalf.

Reimbursable taxes that we pay on your behalf can pertain to hospitality (lodging and city taxes), merchandise (sales taxes), transportation (including, but not limited to, maritime and livery), and taxable services for which you provide payments to us, and for which we pay retail taxes on your behalf. We do not receive tax exemptions as a reseller, nor do we control any assets for taxable fees.

Continuing from a paradigm of expensed reimbursements incidental to our primary business of professional services, and considering that our hospitality services aggregately remain a cost center for marketing and client goodwill, we pay taxes on a retail basis for outsourced Client lodging. If your prepayment of taxes is greater than the actual total taxes incurred by us, a credit shall be issued to your account upon the conclusion of services.

We do not operate for-profit lodging, transportation, or catering services. We pay retail rates and taxes for lodging on behalf of clients. Our expenditures of retail taxes are significantly greater than the estimated taxes that are remitted to us. This is because the lodging fees that we pay on behalf of clients are usually greater than the amounts remitted to us clients.

Please click here regarding our paradigm of our subsidization of lodging as a marketing cost center to introduce ourselves potential clients among elusively niche markets.

We are not the tax-designated principal of any lodging facilities, livery transportation, or other the assets or operations that are applicable to retail taxes. We pay retail taxes to contracted tax designees. Please click here for a summary of our professional-services structure on your behalf.

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