Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas
Independence and Compartmentalization
Sophisticated Effectiveness for Protecting Your Business Confidentiality
Independence is inherent to protecting your confidentiality via sophisticated compartmentalization.

The Consumer Electronics Show ("CES") is a trademark of the Consumer Technology Association ("CTA"). Dignitary Discretion is a trademarked service brand of HT Assets LLC, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by, CTA.


Unhindered Deal-Making

Empower your opportunities to sign profitable deals  while  avoiding awareness by competitors of your innovations and deal negotiations.

Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas
Enhancements to Packages of the Executive Collection
For Services that Include January 2 through 22

Complex Versatility for Your Success Advanced Executive Facilitation • Sage Business Specialties Beyond the Conventional Abilities of Hospitality

Your Dedicated Team of Specialists

Facilitating Only You, 24 Hours

In a preeminent dignitary-style realm that categorically surpasses hospitality, a dedicated team attends singularly to your success, 24 hours. Specialists of your dedicated team come to your booth, impromptu meeting locations, and elsewhere with whatever you need, whenever you need it. Present persuasively with aplomb, and suavely close deals under solid terms. The skills of your senior concierge/handler (retired from being a respected speaker at executive-level international events) are applied with serious business sophistication. Inevitable details are discreetly handled with devoted diligence and thoughtfulness.

Resourcefulness for Sensitive Complexities

Based on Proven Wisdom for the Unhindered Facilitation of US-Friendly Dignitaries
 and  Inspired by Chiefs of Staff

Unanticipated opportunities and complications are handled with personally devoted care and tireless versatility. Professional-level business support, countersurveillance, and almost any other business services are resourcefully coordinated, with compartmentalization protocols based on military standards for secrecy. If you need incidental help with your booth or a speaking engagement, we are happy to provide sophisticated services and flexible support. Personal matters of health, comfort, and relations are discreetly supported, coordinating off-book with licensed professionals as appropriate, inspired by the important role of a US Chief of Staff. Substantive professional services are offered for worthwhile fees, but incidental needs are free. We do not apply surcharges to expenditures that you request of us to incur your behalf, and there are no tips for our personnel.

Please contact us for custom preparations to fulfill your executive complexities. Especially with advance notice, almost any special request can be accommodated,
regardless of the normal capabilities of hospitality—usually at no extra charge.
Meetings with Countersurveillance
Breakthrough Dialogue
Away from Internal and Competitive Thwarting
Dinner Meetings • Evening Entertaining Uniquely Empowering Benefits Earn the enthusiastic friendship of your business-development prospects. As a function of any regularly priced package of the Executive Collection,
you will have unique advantages for enabling pivotally valuable joint ventures.
Ultra-Extended Special Venue Access
You will be limitlessly chauffeured—and granted premium access—
to a custom assortment of your favorite amenities at luxury resorts.
Privately Attended by Your Own Hostess or Concierge

Private Hostess Las Vegas Five Star Hotel

Your own convivial hostess or business-savvy concierge is dedicated exclusively to fostering your entertainment and meetings, so that you can suavely concentrate on your prospects—not waste it on trying to get the attention of rushed waiters or on fumbling with unpolished presentations.

During CES™ week, sophisticated lounges and other desirable venues for business development are overwhelmed with high-budget executives vying for service.
Unrestrained Entertainment to Build Relations and to Close Deals
Expensed with Compartmentalized Confidentiality Clients triumphantly explain that they close previously elusive deals while empowered by not worrying about justifying the lawful and legitimate expenses of entertainment venues internally, to eventual auditors, or to out-of-context denigration. Every direct reservation of a regularly priced package of the Executive Collection bestows you with expansive resort vouchers and unrestricted Vegas vouchers, against which you can have us incur the costs of any venue.   Direct reservations provide larger voucher amounts than via online travel services.   After applying available voucher budgets, we discreetly and efficiently apply deposit funds.
Advanced Services for Sophisticated Niches

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