Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion
Rabbit Hole Refuge from Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas

Specialty Corporate Housing  and  Executive Services


Fulfilling Niche Requirements

RHR is a sub-specialty alternative to our standard hospitality. It is innovatively structured for the business travel needs of sophisticated niches, within corporate budgetary per-diem allocations.

To support unidentifiable locations under modestly routine security, Rabbit Hole refuge is outsourced to unaffiliated, non-identifiable facilities.



Rabbit Hole Refuge is budget-friendlier than our standard services.


Your Choice of Area

Upscale • Security-Protective Variability • Customized for Your Preferences

Near-Strip Suite

Custom Corporate Housing with
Enhanced Privacy Benefits

Compared to on-Strip risk vectors, greater security independence and privacy are enabled with near-Strip private condominiums/vacation suites for corporate housing. Unless you have special requests, facilities are near the vicinity of the major resorts area around the Las Vegas Strip, but outside of the perimeter of the bulge of towers.

Upscale with Business Benefits

Underlying facilities are approximately at the four-star hospitality level or upscale-condominium housing level, before the enhanced services of Dignitary Discretion.

For services of one week to one year, upscale vacation rentals and apartments are available. Unlike the relentless intrusiveness that is infamous among Las Vegas hotels, we respectfully support your compliance with your duties of control of your security protocols.


Near-strip suites are available for any duration. The concepts are generally aligned with our nationwide Rabbit Hole Refuge extended-stay paradigm, which is explained by clicking here.


Coordinated Hotel Room

Some ID Requirements

Our paradigm is most congruent with near-Strip private condominiums/vacation suites for corporate housing.  Underlying facilities approximate the four-star level, before the exclusive enhancements by Dignitary Discretion.  Unless you have special requests, units are on or near the billion-dollar resort campuses of the bulge around the Strip. 


Please click here for an explanation of the coordination paradigm.


We provide supplemental services, with customized security-enabling business benefits that surpass customary hospitality inclusions. Facilities are in the multi-billion-dollar main Las Vegas Strip resort area. The massive campus developments have created ambiguity of on-Strip/near-Strip definitions. Therefore, to provide an illustrative example, Vdara™ in CityCenter™ is our primary resource for each caliber of Strip-based hospitality.  Its diverse range of privately held units, with clearly designated categories of characteristics marketed by its hotel operations, enable a good resource for us. Although CityCenter™ is along the Strip, the Vdara buildings are inset. Other facilities are within walking distance of the Strip.

Open proclamations of stationary, large-building locations are obviously contradictory to the safehouse paradigm. Congruently, the relatively low costs of Rabbit Hole Refuge are enabled partially by our greater flexibility.

There are ID requirements in Las Vegas for Rabbit Hole Refuge of less than one month in duration. Please click here for related insights.

Vacation rentals in the Strip resort area provide a comparatively more favorable—but still broadly porous—security profile.  The relatively greater in-suite amenities, work-area spaciousness, efficiency, egress/ingress factors (for example, kitchenettes enable the efficiency and security of in-suite meals—not needing to go to restaurants or to have room service deliveries), and many other factors combine for superior business productivity. The lack of a casino provides for significantly diminished intrusion by public and private security, such as not being subjected to perpetual facial-recognition and relational database records.

We respect also that you must be comfortable in upscale, clean, modern buildings. Any associated unit with us at Vdara upholds those characteristics, but there are a few other good resources, such as Elara, a trademark of Hilton Worldwide, with which we are neither affiliated nor licensed).  If you prefer the greater excitement of an entrance directly accessible from the Strip, please inform you concierge.

Almost any customization is possible, usually at no additional cost or merely with reimbursement. Please coordinate with your concierge regarding what is most important to you.


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Limitations variations apply to Rabbit Hole Refuge and on-Strip services. Please click for more information.