Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
Romantic Sovereignty by Dignitary Discretion

Ultra-Extended Amenity Privileges

Your Uncompromising Best of Las Vegas

Off-Book, Ultra Full-Service Experiences

Dedicated Hosting Anonymity • Private VIP Service

Expert VFR Countermeasures
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We add our services and amenities to premium luxury accommodations, combining to yield an all-inclusive five-star-plus experience that categorically surpasses all other publicly accessible providers of five-star hospitality in Las Vegas.

Premium-Caliber Resort Amenities

With your regular Executive Luxury or Romantic Sovereignty package, you will have access to the premium ultimate—extending beyond the amenities that are freely accessible by respective hotel guests.  Consistent with our chain-wide paradigm of surpassing the confines of customary hospitality, we extend to you premium-caliber amenities for the best of Las Vegas.  Not only will you have free use of resort amenities for which fees are typically charged—such as a golf range and an ultra pool—you will have access to restricted private resources that are preferred by casino bosses and celebrity locals.

The uncompromising best facilities amenities in Vegas are curated, culled via 24-hour chauffeur, and further enhanced by VIP services that are not readily available to the traveling public.  The chauffeuring, admissions, most fees, and most private services are all free, depending on your package type. We will coordinate with you for resources to which we can provide you with host-escorted access as a VIP in the style of a dignitary or discreetly protected celebrity.

Your Curated Collection Examples for Initial Inspirations
Golf • Dance Classes • In-Villa Aerobics • Tennis Gain valuable insights with free private instruction or training from a professional. Please click here for your ultra-extensive, privacy-enhanced fitness resources.
Discreetly Customized to Fulfill Your Greatest Delights With as much advance notice as possible, please coordinate with your concierge to customize all of your favorites.
We encourage special requests, and most special requests are accommodated as complimentary, but otherwise we would ask for reimbursement.
There are no fees or surcharges from us for routine expenditures coordinated on your behalf.

Vdara™, Part of CityCenter™

Free Premium-Caliber Access  and  Hosting of Amenities

Vdara™ is a large, modern facility, with the expected breadth of amenities of a major luxury hotel. Many more amenities are shared with its sister hotel, Aria™.  Both facilities are part of the massive MGM™ CityCenter™, which includes a spectacular shopping/entertainment mall. Most luxury hotels in the United States have only one (or perhaps a few, for large resorts) of each customary amenity, but Las Vegas hotels are famous for their mass scale. CityCenter™ has suddenly taken a leap into a new conceptual realm, and holds the top position in extensiveness of all resort campuses in Las Vegas.  Moreover, the Center-Strip location places you in the heart of the excitement, surrounded by world-famous restaurants, shops, and attractions.

Spa Access
Off-Book Anonymity Facilitated by Your Hostess
Complimentary Access
to Premium-Caliber Lavishness
Ultra VIP, Warmly Dedicated Care
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Free VIP Access with Private Hostess for Vdara ESPA
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