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Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas

The security of your off-book visit to Las Vegas is supported by compartmentalized independence. Black Hat USA is a trademark of UBM. Dignitary Discretion is neither affiliated with, nor licensed by, UBM.

Invisible Hat Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas

Special Services
Available upon the Restoration of Physical (non-Virtual) Conventions

Demonstrate Your Adherence to the WOL Elements to Support Your Compliance  with the  National Security Acts of 1947 and 1949 Your Peerless Vegas Resource No-NTK Anonymity   Compartmentalized Location Knowledge   Housekeeping and Visitors Subject to Your Protocols of Visibility and Access

Exhibitors • Deal-Makers
Your loyally dedicated team exclusively serves you, 24 hours.

Complimentary with Regularly Priced Executive Luxury

We specialize in complex sophistication that surpasses the business functions of customary hospitality. Services are protectively compartmentalized, protecting your confidentiality with relevant protocols that surpass most military standards. As a complimentary enhancement to regularly priced Executive Luxury during the convention, we come to your booth, impromptu meeting locations, and elsewhere—24 hours. We endeavor to empower you with versatile resourcefulness, with almost no limitations: professional-level business support, discreet personal complexities, countersurveillance, and almost anything else. If you need incidental help with your booth or a speaking engagement, we are happy to provide sophisticated services and flexibly discreet support, usually at no charge.

Almost any complications or professional-level needs are handled 24 hours with personal care and tireless effort. We do not apply surcharges to any expenditures that you request of us to incur your behalf, and there are no tips for our personnel. Please click here for more information about your loyally dedicated team.

Countersurveillance-Backed Meetings
Private Meetings
Please contact us for custom preparations to fulfill your executive complexities. Especially with advance notice, almost any special request can be accommodated, regardless of the normal capabilities of hospitality, usually at no extra charge.
Connoisseurs of TSCM

Do you have good, protective interests in TSCM and independence? If so, we consider you a colleague, and we invite you to receive proxy hospitality and executive services from us at cost.

Our motivation for this promotion is to apply new sophisticated innovations in TSCM. Whereas we normally provide multilayered Ethernet-based Internet and voice telecommunications with internationally parsed VPNs and multi-layered, single-instance encryption, we would like to provide a special credit and implementation support for Black Hat™ attendees to be in control of their own comms structure.

Applicable only with Signature services.

Not for Self-Serving Hackers

If you are attending the show because you have self-serving, malicious interests, you will be surrounded by hackers of similar intentions--but we're not for you.
By contrast, our clients could generally be described as well-intentioned invisible hats: evading those who try to steal the hard work and good honor of others.

There also is the hypothetical possibility of gray hats, in support of US-friendly interests.

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