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Privately Held Suites and Villas Upgraded Luxury, plus Custom Executive Enhancements Ultra-Expansive Resort Amenities
with Special Premium Access

Safehouse Paradigm Based on Protocols of Independently Traveling US-Friendly Dignitaries
Bypass the Security Compromises and Indignities of Registration Private Arrival • Off-Book Confidentiality
No Invasions of Privacy with a Demand that You Hand over Your Confidential Personal Information No ID Required
Compartmentalization Privately Held Suite
Regular Signature and Executive Luxury Packages
Customized Suites Independent Dignitary-Style Protective Privacy Overlooking the Las Vegas Strip Exclusively Enhanced with Executive Benefits

Special Requests

Off-Strip Countersurveillance Sophistication
Celebrity-Style Hosted Access to Premium On-Strip Amenities

Strip-View Upgraded Luxury
Your Own Privately Dedicated Team from Dignitary Discretion
Ultra All-Inclusive Services Powerfully Protective of Your Confidentiality Custom Executive Services and Accouterments Amplifying Your Unhindered Business Progress Provided and Coordinated by Dignitary Discretion Regardless of the Specific Accommodations
With most arrangements,
your arrival is comprised of a friendly greeting at the airport—
not "Papers, please..."

Your Confidentially Custom Accommodations

Individualized Enhancements by Dignitary Discretion

Portfolio of Executive Specialties Surpassing the Capabilities of All Customary Hospitality in Las Vegas

Primarily in Upgrade-Caliber Suites at Vdara™ One of the Newest Luxury Resorts in the Vegas Strip Region Spacious Units and Many Private Owners Resulted in a Wide Variety of Features
Part of CityCenter™ Condo-Based Adjunct to Aria™   Connected to Bellagio™
Luxury-Upgrade Full Suites
Closing-Door Bedrooms
Exclusive Executive Amenities
Enhanced by Dignitary Discretion beyond Five-Star Customs
CityCenter™ is one of the newest and most elaborate
Las Vegas Strip developments.

The regular Signature and Executive Luxury packages provided by Dignitary Discretion are enhanced services and features exclusively provided by Dignitary Discretion. Suites at Vdara™ with the Signature or Executive Luxury package fulfill the official categorization by MGM™ of the upgrade caliber of Luxury, and feature a view of the famous fountains of Center Strip.

An individualized repertoire of executive accouterments, countersurveillance, and business equipment surpasses all other five-star hospitality in Las Vegas. Complexities such as the dedicated 24-hour executive-support team and countersurveillance-enabled meetings are professionally adapted for executives and financiers beyond customary hospitality capabilities.


Whereas most leisure travelers would regard the physical accommodations as being of primary relevance, our niche business travelers rely on the unique and important services from Dignitary Discretion. Routine consumer travelers are respectfully suggested to consider that a customary hotel arrangement with Vdara™ via MGM™ would generally provide for greater affordability and simpler procedures.

Independence and Flexibility
Special Requests
Contingencies for Mission-Critical Dependability

Special requests are welcome. Dignitary Discretion specializes in custom sophistication for executive complexities beyond customary hospitality capabilities. Independence is fundamental to the safehouse paradigm. Flexibility and resourceful contingencies are also fundamental aspects of security and dignitary-style mission-critical service. As such, almost unlimited special requests and upgrade options are available. In the rare event of a facilities issue or unexpected stayover by another client, we upgrade you for free to a privately held suite at an AAA™ Five-Diamond™ underlying resort, likewise along the main Las Vegas Strip, effectively sustaining the same committed features and services, supplementally enhanced based on your requests, with an overall increase in luxury.

Dignitary Discretion is a trademarked service brand of HT Assets LLC, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or subject to any persistent contracts with MGM Resorts International. MGM, Vdara, Aria, the Fountains of Bellagio, and CityCenter are trademarked properties of MGM Resorts International. AAA and "Five-Diamond" are trademarks of the Automobile Association of America, relevant to the underlying resorts at which Executive Luxury suites of Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas are located, if not at Vdara, excluding Executive Sovereignty, special requests, and event-based packages.

Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas at Vdara
Uncompromising Ultimate in Luxury Resort Amenities

Dignitary Discretion bestows you with an uncompromising ultimate in VIP access and uniquely enhanced hosting to premium-caliber amenities and resources of clubs and luxury resorts—generally all free, protected with countersurveillance, and hosted for carefree relaxation by your Dignitary Discretion hostesses and concierge.

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Custom Upgrades

Based on Your Preferences

Aligned with the preferences of our niche markets for location confidentiality, the resort placement itself is secondary to our services. As such, we maintain individualized flexibility in accommodating almost any special request. Complimentary upgrades of suites in Five-Diamond resorts on-Strip may be substituted by us in the event of facilities limitations at Vdara, plus the same ultra all-inclusive services provided by us that surpass five-star customs.

Special requests for amenities and services may be subject to additional fees, conditional on your approval.


Off-Strip upon Request

Away from the Strip's Cameras

Security personnel at on-Strip venues that provide alcohol or gambling may require ID at entry points or upon demand.
If you prefer greater off-Strip privacy, relax in a private residence of modern luxury, all to yourself.

Las Vegas Antitracking Chauffeur
Transportation Based on Your Type of Package

Your Arrival

Because of our specialty-security paradigm, please contact us in advance to coordinate your arrival, regardless of your transportation plans.

The Best of Las Vegas  for  Confidentiality-Oriented Executives  and  Prominent Individuals

Individualized for You

Vegas Freedom

Versatility to Surpass the Offerings of any Other Five-Star Hospitality in Las Vegas

Your Hand of Aces

Sterilized, isolated villas are fully individualized. As one of the world's most vulnerable spots for the risk of an outbreak of vaccine-resistant mutation, special contingencies would be carefully coordinated for any suite overlooking the Las Vegas Strip; we suggest against normally concentrated tower suites.