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All-Inclusive Executive Independence

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Luxury New York Midtown Manhattan No Credit Check Corporate Housing

Stay focused and comfortable in an upscale, pristine one-bedroom residence, adapting the privacy-supporting assortment of ultra all-inclusive benefits that we provide with shorter stays.

Enjoy all of the same specifications for amenities, ultra all-inclusive services, and other benefits of our shorter ultra all-inclusive stays, plus enjoy the expanded comforts and independence of a confidential residence. Feel a home with greater abilities to stay focused and efficient.

Corporate Housing  and  Comprehensive Executive Support

Dignitary Discretion facilitates investment bankers, turnaround managers, business-development executives, and other non-adversarial business travelers with unique corporate housing and uniquely extensive executive services. A pristine suite awaits you, with the accouterments typical of an executive's city home, enhanced with conveniences of hospitality. With some limitations, accommodations are customized to your preferences, with your satisfaction guaranteed. Upscale transportation, food, beverages, incidental business support, and many more benefits are complimentary with most arrangements. Online reservations of any length are welcome, from one night to a year. Aligned with our dignitary-inspired paradigm that faithfully protects your business confidentiality, there is no credit check and no ID required. Reservations of any length are welcome, from one night to a year.


Monthly Rabbit Hole Refuge provides an excellent value for confidentiality-oriented executive living, considering the productivity enhancements and privacy protections.

  • Achieve your complex business objectives with a private office in a class-A building. Sophisticated executive support carries the protection of broad non-disclosure/non-compete agreements.
  • Feel at home in an attractively furnished, sparkling clean, one-bedroom apartment.  All utilities are anonymously included. There is no credit check, and normally ID is not necessary.
  • Enjoy nearly limitless upscale, fully individualized food, wine, and liquor in your suite.
  • Experience the freedom of off-book luxury transportation.  Choose daily chauffeuring, or drive a clean, late-model, luxury sedan.  (Limited ID requirements pertain to vehicle rental arrangements.)
  • Laundry, standard dry cleaning, and private housekeeping are all anonymous and free.
  • A custom leisure excursion or in-home pampering each week will keep you invigorated and content—all free and off-book.
  • You will have optional access to communications and storage technologies that meet or surpass most military specifications, structured with professional countersurveillance.
  • Various other powerful included and optional benefits combine for comprehensive productivity, freedom, and comfort.

TSCM Security-Enhanced Telecommunications Complimentary

High-Security Calling

Free domestic calls are enabled via a calling card or as VoIP on your computer. Limited MILSPEC encrypted calls via your computer are complimentary with reservations made directly and via travel agents who provide personal service.

Location- and Network-Stripped Encrypted Internet and E-Mail

Confidentiality-protective Internet is complimentary.

Your safehouse keeper/senior concierge will coordinate with you for multilayer-encrypted Internet and IP-stripped Email, rising above the restrictiveness and security vulnerabilities that are commonplace in even the highest-end business hotels. With monthly stays, we can arrange for hard-wired Ethernet for higher security and speeds. Internet access with anonymously encrypted VPN is complimentary. Please click here for more information.

Unless you already use a VPN or are familiar with endpoint (your computer—so that your confidentiality is your own) Internet encryption, we respectfully suggest coordinating with your safehouse keeper/senior concierge in advance of your travels.

Countersurveillance-enabled telecommunications require that reservations are made directly or via a travel agent who provides personal service.

Exclusions apply to specially discounted packages. Please click here for general policies. Please contact us for details applicable to your specific package and for optimization based on what is most important to you.

For Privacy-Oriented Professionals

Strategic Value

Please click here for rates in our locations with online reservations: Silicon Valley, Newport Beach, Las Vegas, and the Coachella Valley.

In most other metropolitan regions of the United States and Canada, the monthly rate is normally $17,760, with at least six weeks of advance notice. Rates vary in New York, Alaska, and Hawaii. By reserving further in advance, you benefit with the greater inventory resources, yielding lower rates and greater customization.

For the best rates, and for greater optimization of services based on your preferences, please contact us directly.


Simple and Convenient within Minutes

No Credit Check • No Application

There is no credit check, and no application procedure to intrude on your privacy, as would be customary for corporate housing. For your privacy, we normally arrange to register you under a name of our legal services firm.

If you provide us with the privilege of serving you for one month or longer, in alignment of proper safe house wisdom when staying covertly in a publicly accessible facility, we would normally offer to help you to relocate within the first month, followed by a location of indefinite duration.


We do not provide legal advice or guarantees of compliance. Within parameters that we regard as lawful, prudent, and secure, we endeavor to fulfill your instructions.
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