Dignitary Discretion

Support of Your Sustained Invigoration
during Extended Business Travel


Private Leisure Excursion

The following are merely examples to give you inspiration to tell us what would be most enjoyable for you.

Suggestions were inspired by members of our team, who reminisce about some of these activities as being among the most enjoyable they have ever experienced in their travels.
VIP Excursions with Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas Executive Luxury

Lake Las Vegas

If you would enjoy doing so, we would be happy to pay for the fees, pack a bag for you, and chauffeur you. Invigorate and refresh with jet skiing, or drink in the sunset (and liquors) on a harbor cruise.


Wine or Golf

Other favorites, which you are welcome to select and customize, include private wine tasting with a sommelier or VIP golf with an enlivening caddy.
sultry sommelier

Recharged and Feeling Strong


Free Cabana Massage


Dapper, Calm, and Suave

Comforting, Grooming, and Apparel Benefits

In the Privacy and Timeliness of Your Suite

All free, beginning after four to seven nights


Substitutions of greater cost to us—but still free to you—may be provided in the event of availability restrictions. Limitations and advance scheduling requirements apply. Exclusions apply to specially discounted packages (including, but not limited to, at-cost goodwill services). Please contact us for relevant details, and to describe what is most important to you, so that we can customize a package tailored to your greatest preferences.

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