Weekly VIP Enlivenment

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Support of Your Sustained Invigoration
during Extended Business Travel

Main Page for Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas

Clients of regular packages of the Executive Collection for seven nights or longer tend to be business travelers facing conflicting complexities. The inspiration of these services derives from the wisdom by US Chiefs of Staff in sustaining levelheadedness among leaders whose burdens of the Free World categorically surpass the day-to-day lives of ordinary citizens. A primary motivation for excursions is simply the friendly goodwill of important long-term clients. Please click here for more information about the underlying concepts of superlative, goodwill hosting.

Private Leisure Excursion

The following are merely examples to give you inspiration to tell us what would be most enjoyable for you.

Suggestions were inspired by members of our team, who reminisce about some of these activities as being among the most enjoyable they have ever experienced in their travels.
VIP Excursions with Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas Executive Luxury

Lake Las Vegas

If you would enjoy doing so, we would be happy to pay for the fees, pack a bag for you, and chauffeur you. Invigorate and refresh with jet skiing, or drink in the sunset (and liquors) on a harbor cruise.

Recharged and Feeling Strong

Free Cabana Massage

Vegas Ultra-Pool VIP

Dedicated Service and Coveted Bed Cabana
Exclusively Enhanced by Dignitary Discretion
Premium European-Style Pool

You may choose among the baking sunbathers to welcome as a guest to join you at your cabana.

Normally All Free


With each full week of Executive Luxury or Romantic Sovereignty, be pampered with a complimentary bed massage at the Moorea Beach Club™. Revel in VIP dedicated service at your cabana, exclusively enhanced by Dignitary Discretion.

This benefit is an empowerment for members of our niche markets to enjoy greater frivolity. The page of the above link describes our independence for your compartmentalized confidentiality. Please click for more information.

VIP Massage Bed Cabana Moorea Vegas
Independence Inherent to Compartmentalized Confidentiality

Please click here for an explanation of our paradigm.

Vdara, CityCenter, the Moorea Beach Club, and Mandalay Bay are trademarked properties of MGM Resorts International ("MGM"). Dignitary Discretion is a trademarked service brand of HT Assets LLC, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or subject to a persistent contract with MGM or any assignees or affiliates thereof.

Substitutions of greater cost to us—but still free to you—may be provided in the event of availability restrictions. Limitations and advance scheduling requirements apply. Exclusions apply to specially discounted packages (including, but not limited to, at-cost goodwill services). Please contact us for relevant details, and to describe what is most important to you, so that we can customize a package tailored to your greatest preferences.

More Benefits

Uncompromisingly Ultra-Extended Resort Amenities

Exclusively Dedicated Hosting for Anonymously Immersed Luxury

Business • Fully Equipped Golf • Tennis with Entertaining Pro • Ultra-Extended Luxury Fitness • Ultra Pools • Private Aerobics • Much More

Clandestine Luxury
Among Our Weekly Gifts of
Goodwill to You

Your Hand of Aces

Sterilized, isolated villas are fully individualized. As one of the world's most vulnerable spots for the risk of an outbreak of vaccine-resistant mutation, special contingencies would be carefully coordinated for any suite overlooking the Las Vegas Strip; we suggest against normally concentrated tower suites.